The Girls' Back-To-School Staples That Should Be On Your Shopping List


To moms of grade school-aged girls, shopping for a new academic year can feel like a summer-long project. But the truth is that it doesn't have to be so overwhelming — that is, if you have a game plan. A good rule of thumb is to stick to the staples — once you've covered the necessities, you can stop stressing and actually have fun seeking out the extra odds and ends (yes, it is possible!).

Whether or not she plays on a sports team, having a daughter who loves being active means striking the balance between school-appropriate looks and comfy workout clothes that make her feel like her best — and strongest — self.

No one nails this delicate balance better than Athleta Girl, whose performance pieces are so versatile that they can be worn to math class as easily as they can be worn on the soccer field — and that's why Romper teamed up with them to put together five back-to-school staples that should be on your shopping list.

Performance Bottoms

For fast-growing girls, sporty tights, shorts, and athletic pants are always at the top of the list. Since fall weather can be unpredictable, it's a good idea to invest in a variety of lengths, from shorts to capris to full-length leggings.

Pick pants that stretch and allow for a full range of motion whether your girl is playing field hockey or doing a mother-daughter yoga class.

Layering Essentials

Between air conditioned carpools and piping hot classrooms, layering is the unsung hero of back-to-school fashion.

Fill your daughter's closet with comfy tees and soft, breathable sweatshirts so she's prepared for any and all fluctuating temperatures throughout the school day and beyond.

Outerwear That Moves

First things first: Fall weather means drizzly days and chilly nights, so prepare your girl with the best outerwear on the market.

Bonus points if you choose pieces and fabrics that will move with her so she doesn't feel confined when she's out in the cold — a little thunderstorm or freezing rain shouldn't have to get in the way of her living her best outdoor life.

Pants That Feel Like Sweats

When your daughter's fall schedule is packed with schoolwork, extracurriculars, and weekend events, it's key to arm her with pieces that feel as comfy as her favorite pair of tights, but that she also feels confident rocking in class or at another, non-athletic activity.

Choose stylish pants and leggings that she'll love the look of while sticking to flexible fabrics so she'll be able to feel like her best self from the inside out.

Functional Accessories

In the midst of the hectic shopping season, it's easy to overlook all the lifesaving accessories that will make your daughter's school day so much simpler, especially if she's into sports.

Stock up on pieces that offer both fashion and function, like a cute gym bag to throw over her shoulder and hair accessories that hold up even if the game (or the test!) goes into overtime.

This post is sponsored by Athleta Girl.