5 Little Ways To Cultivate Your Kids' Eco-Friendly Mindset As They Head Back To School

Sponsored By H&M


Fall is the perfect time to hit refresh on your kids’ daily routine. Beyond spiffy new wardrobes, a fresh set of school supplies, and exciting new classes, it’s also the perfect time to instill some new ways of thinking. Cultivating an eco-friendly mindset at an early age means preparing for the future in a responsible way. And on a micro level, that mindset is what will get your kids excited about making smart choices every day – from the way they pack their lunch to the outfits they pick out.

This fall, we’ve teamed up with H&M to spread the word on mindful back-to-school shopping (and thinking!) for the whole family. H&M is committed to limiting waste and producing kids clothes in an environmentally responsible way, so you and your kids can feel good about stepping into a new school year, in style.

Scoot Your Way Into A Zero-Emission Commute

If you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of your kids’ school, try leaving just a tiny bit early on a push scooter! It can be tempting to zoom over to drop-off in your car before taking on the day’s errands, but a little morning activity has so many benefits. You and your kids will get some fresh air, a little energy boost, and commute with absolutely zero harmful emissions.

Dress for Success

Instilling mindful shopping habits early on can lead to a lifetime of wise purchasing. It’s important to teach your little ones where their clothes come from and what their production means for the environment. And lucky for you, H&M’s sustainable collection totally fits the bill. Playful on-trend styles will keep their personal style on point, and are constructed from low-impact organic fabrics that you can feel good about. Plus, when your kids are involved in the process, they’ll understand the importance of taking care of their favorite pieces. Hello, fewer laundry loads!

Lunch & Learn

Getting your kids excited about food leads to so many benefits that go beyond branching out from chicken fingers and PB&J. This year, make a point to involve your kids in lunch-packing. Teach them about where their food comes from, and how different food sources impact the world around them. Give them the opportunity to try new fruits and veggies and help pick out ingredients at the grocery store. When they’re in on what’s getting packed, they’ll also be less inclined to waste. A super-cute reusable lunchbox keeps all their favorites organized while avoiding things like plastic zip bags that head straight to a landfill.

Give Tired Threads New Life

Your kids may be clued in to standard recycling, but do they know that practice can also apply to their clothes? H&M stores nationwide actually have a garment collection program that accepts old clothes and textiles (even old sheets or curtains!) that ensures none of your worn-out fabrics end up in a landfill. The pieces you donate are hand-sorted and either recycled or repurposed. Have your kids help with their pre-back-to-school closet clean-out and explain why it’s important to give their tired threads new life.

Totes Essential

You know that trusty tote bag you bring everywhere from the farmers market to a picnic in the park? Your little ones can get in on the tote game, too! With so many fun colors and prints to choose from, they’ll use and reuse these carryalls all season long — no more single-use bags in sight! Getting in the habit of carrying a reusable water bottle will also teach your kids to reduce plastic and water waste.