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5 Moms Share The Beauty Products They Can't Live Without During Busy Summer Months

By Erin Kelly

For most adults, summer isn’t really all that different from any other time of year. Sure, there are a few more weekend getaways (and hence, more yawns on Monday morning), but not much else deviates from the typical weekly grind. It’s only when you become a parent that summer transforms into an entirely different beast. There are playdates to orchestrate, safe hot weather activities to plan, and rainy day projects to brainstorm.

That’s not to say finding a moment to yourself to relax poolside is impossible — it just requires a bit of strategy to get there. To help every mom keep self-care and me-time in mind this summer, we partnered with Ulta Beauty to ask four busy moms (and one mom-to-be) from the Romper community how they survive summer. Below, shop all the products they rely on during these hectic (and hot) months.

Sun Care Stock Up

With a baby on the way, Amy is soaking in every last drop of summer before her due date in August. Her and her husband already enjoyed a babymoon in Bermuda, and she’s planning on spending every upcoming rain-free day outside with her friends. That also means she’s stocking up on sun care, particularly in gentle formulas. “Since learning I was pregnant, I’ve become much more cautious about finding skin-sensitive, organic, or paraben-free products when I can,” Amy says. “I also look for fewer products that can help achieve maximum results.”

Be Bold & Get Glowing

Alissa has always cherished her summers, looking forward to multiple trips to the Hamptons between Memorial and Labor Day. This year, as a new mom to an adorable baby girl, she’s less able to be spontaneous with her time off — but she’s more than happy to cap a long week picnicking with her family or taking her daughter to the pool. Whatever her summer has in store, Alissa relies on bold, runway-ready beauty looks to get her from pool to park and back to dinner. “I am and always have been a huge beauty lover,” she says. “Even though I’m a mom, I still want to look like myself — a more glam version, that is.” That means you’ll usually spot her with some combination of glowing skin, colorful lips, and bright nails.

Total Renewal

“Since becoming a mom, my skin-care regimen has changed a bit,” says Brazilian-born Maisa. “I actually need to give it more love and attention now.” But with an incredibly curious and active 18-month-old baby girl to watch and a Master Herbalist Certification to study for, free time can be hard to come by. There are those moments, though (usually when her daughter is sleeping), when Maisa takes a break from studying, takes a relaxing bath, and pampers herself with skin products that make her feel refreshed and renewed. Her must-have essentials include super rich moisturizers, refreshing face mists, and natural products when possible.

On The Go

To say Tonya is always on the go would be an understatement: The last we saw her, she was bustling around Brooklyn before running to catch a flight to Europe. And when she’s home, she’s chasing after her six-year-old son. To keep such a busy schedule together requires planning (hello, travel-size everything), organizing (she prefers lists), meditating, and exfoliating (how else do you keep that glow?). “I find balance has to be created and doesn’t happen easily on its own,” she says. Preach.

Beat The Heat

Originally from Kailua, Hawaii — and now a New York City resident of three years — Vanessa is used to dealing with both hot beach weather and humid city summers. Add to that the fact that she regularly spends time having dance parties and running around playgrounds with her two-year-old daughter, Alessandra, and it’s safe to assume she knows how to keep her cool when temps rise. That goes for skin care most of all. “I’ve always been very dedicated to my daytime and nighttime skin-care regimens,” says Vanessa. “I carve out that time to take care of myself.” From depuffing eye patches to refreshing face mists (and all the waterproof makeup formulas in between), the right products ensure Vanessa’s beauty routine is truly summer-proof.

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