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Sleep Essentials To Have On Hand If You Have A Newborn *And* A Toddler

by Allison Berry

It’s no secret: Kids require a lot of stuff, and that stuff tends to change as they grow. What you’ll need for setting up a cozy and safe nursery for a newborn baby is vastly different than the comforts your toddler may need to fall asleep, and especially if you’re juggling taking care of a baby and a big kid at the same time, I can easily understand if you don’t have the spare time to look up the latest and greatest product recommendations.

To help you cut through the clutter and land on the absolute essentials for each of your kids, Romper teamed up with Target to round up the most helpful sleep products you can find for both your newborn and your toddler-aged kiddo.

For Your Baby

This convertible crib will work wonders as you watch it transform from a newborn-safe crib to a toddler-ready big kid bed as your little one grows, and an audio monitor with a built-in nightlight will last you just as long. A sweet fitted sheet is all your newborn needs in the crib with them for the first year, but a cozy sleep sack can keep them warm in cooler temperatures while a receiving blanket makes for a perfect pre-bedtime snuggle accessory.

For Your Toddler

Good news! That standard crib mattress from your little one’s nursery will fit perfectly into this toddler bed, so the only other thing you’ll need for their transition to a big kid bed is an adorable bedding set. Blackout curtains are a must for filtering away outside light, while a combo night light and sound machine help to ease your toddler’s nighttime worries.

Photo: Jenna Gang; Art Director: Julie Vaccaro; Prop Stylist: Anna Lemi; Production Manager: Sam Ulban; Editor: Allison Berry.