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still from godmothered on disney+
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Godmothered On Disney+ Is Coming & It's Everything You Want In A Holiday Movie

Because everybody needs a fairy godmother.

If you've been craving a new original holiday movie, then you'll definitely want to know how to watch Godmothered on Disney+. The new movie, which debuts on Disney's streaming service in early December, will be sure to sprinkle a little holiday magic (or pixie dust) in your life.

A good holiday comedy should have some specific elements — a stubborn person set in their ways and a fun loving character looking to change them, set against a gorgeous, cinematic backdrop. Disney+'s newest holiday film, Godmothered, appears to have it all. Here is everything that you should know before it makes its way to the streaming service next month.

It Sounds Hilarious

When the fairy godmother profession is threatened to be extinct, it's up to one young fairy godmother to save the day. Godmothered focuses on an inexperienced fairy godmother-in-training named Eleanor (played by Jillian Bell) looking to show the world that people need fairy godmothers. But when Eleanor finds a letter from a 10-year-old girl, Mackenzie, in distress and tracks her down, she finds out that she's now a 40-year-old single mom (played by Isla Fisher) who has given up on the idea of "happily ever after." It's up to Eleanor to give Mackenzie a happiness makeover — whether she likes it or not.

To make things even better, it's set at Christmas time, so you know it's going to be extra magical.

The Trailer Is Here

The official trailer for Godmothered is here and it looks so funny. "I'm going to do this, I'm going to prove that people still need fairy godmothers," Eleanor says in the trailer. But she's in for a surprise once she has to interact with modern technology and actually use her magic for good. Eleanor's behavior in some scenes is super reminiscent of Buddy the Elf's from the movie, Elf, which makes the movie that much more exciting.

But the trailer shows that Eleanor won't be the only person teaching lessons in the film — it seems like she'll be learning, too. "I've been trapped in the fairytale when the real world is filled with so much more," she says.

It Premieres Friday, Dec. 4

You'll just have to wait a few more weeks to see it. Godmothered will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on Friday, Dec. 4. That's right — Godmothered won't be in movie theaters, so the only way you will be able to watch is with a Disney+ subscription. If you don't already have a subscription to Disney's super awesome streaming service, which costs $6.99 a month, you can sign up now. This way, you'll have plenty of time to explore what the app has to offer before the movie premieres.

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