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11 Sex Positions If You Have A Tilted Uterus

If your gynecologist has told you that you have a tilted uterus — which is most likely how you found out — then you know your anatomy affects your sex life. But not to worry, there are plenty of sex positions if you have a tilted uterus that not only ensure you have a healthy and happy sex life, but will also get you off.

As OB-GYN Mary Jane Minkin told Women's Health, nearly 30 percent of women have a tilted uterus, also called a retroverted uterus. If you have this anatomy, all it means is that your uterus faces towards your pelvis, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Although this anatomy won't affect your chances of getting pregnant, the APA said it might make sex a little more painful in certain positions. Why? Although, according to Women's Health, the uterus is a very flexible organ that can bend and shift, especially when your body is doing just that when you're getting it on.

So because your tilted uterus is tilted towards your pelvis, you might feel some uncomfortable sensations during sex. The good news is that there are so many sex positions out there, and you can easily find one that works for you.

Although a tilted uterus is nothing to worry about, I do want to add a slight note of caution. If you ever feel any severe pain during sex, you should consult with your physician because that might be a sign that something more severe is up with your body. Otherwise, these positions, designed for more shallow penetration, will help you get it on, without feeling discomfort, only excitement.

Girl On Top

As Women's Health noted, this works because you can control the depth of penetration. If your partner goes too deep, you'll likely feel pain. So keep the penetration at your comfort level.

Modified Missionary

Minkin told Women's Health that by tweaking missionary you can enjoy shallow penetration. Try to keep your legs straight and closer together to keep your guy from thrusting too hard. This will also ensure greater clitoral friction, leading to lots of pleasure.

Spooning called spooning, AKA sex position 77, the new 69. It's like doggy style, except you're lying on your side. This one is great for women with a tilted uterus because it allows you to control the depth of penetration, while enjoying the pressure of your partner's body.

Modified Doggie Style

Everyday Health noted that you should keep your back arched and butt elevated to prevent your guy from thrusting too hard. If you do, then you'll be good to go.

Shower Sex

Who says your partner has to penetrate? Have your partner grab the removable shower head and use the pulsing water to stimulate your clit.

Raised Hips

Everyday Health recommended that any position with raised hips is a must-try, as elevation is key to pain-free sex with a tilted uterus.

Modified Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl works for a woman with a tilted uterus because you can control the depth of penetration. However, when slightly modified, this position might feel even better. Cosmopolitan recommended you modify by resting your torso on his legs in order to elevate your butt.

Oral Sex

Again, if there's no penetration, there won't be pain.

Hand Humping

As the name implies, you're rubbing up against your lover's hand, but you're taking pleasure into your own (metaphorically). You get to control the friction and pressure your partner applies to your clit, which will likely lead to an O.

Magic Mountain

Cosmopolitan reported that Magic Mountain is another variation on doggy designed to make sure you elevate your hips and butt, which is ideal for a gal with a tilted uterus. Stack as many pillows as you like (i.e. the mountain) and lean on them for balance.


Cosmopolitan recommended that you sit with face-to-face with your partner, or lie on a surface with your legs bent under your chest and your arms raised. Because this position limits his ability to thrust,it's ideal for women with a tilted uterus. Instead, focus on swaying and rocking each other back-and-forth. Also, because you're eye-gazing, you can communicate your comfort level with ease.