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Every Baby Item You Can Literally Never Have Too Many Of

From the very moment you find out you're pregnant (congrats!), it's nearly impossible to escape the idea of stocking up on all the right products for your new baby. Undoubtedly, your friends with kids of their own will have helpful lists of products…
By Allison Berry

Everything New Moms Need To Know About Choosing A Diaper For Your Baby

It's not until you come face to face with the reality of shopping for diapers that you realize the options feel infinite. With so many brands and sizes, how in the world are you supposed to narrow your selection down to the one that you know is…
By Allison Berry

Here's What To Know When Buying Products For Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

When I was a newborn, I gave my mom quite the scare when she was changing my clothes one day. Noticing a red, bumpy rash starting at the base of my neck and moving down the center of my chest, my registered nurse mother experienced a quick panic…
By Allison Berry

How To Set Up Your Changing Table To Make Diaper Changes A Breeze

It's no secret that babies tend to come with a lot of accessories. Some of those accessories are obviously necessary — like trustworthy and blankie-soft Pampers Swaddlers diapers — while others may feel more like little luxuries that make mundane…
By Allison Berry

What’s Up With My Baby’s Poop? This Infographic Gives You The Scoop

When considering a list of "Things I Never Thought I'd Discuss With Another Human," poop is most likely claiming the number one spot on so many people's lists. While that may remain true for a majority of the population, for parents who are quite…
By Bustle Studios

This Handy Infographic Shows The Diaper Bag Essentials You'll Need, According To Your Baby's Age

If only there really were a magic bag you could carry that was filled with everything you needed at any given moment. With a quick pull of a zipper and flick of a wrist, you could pull out whatever snack your kid is craving, whichever blanket…
By Bustle Studios

The Absolute Best Products To Keep In Your Newborn’s Diaper Bag

I remember my first walk down the baby aisle of the supermarket like it was yesterday. My eyes bulged at the sheer selection of specific products —why are there so many different pacifiers? — and the seemingly simple task of shopping for the best…
By Kate Brierley

10 Pieces Of Postpartum Pooping Advice *Every* New Mom Needs To Know

When you're postpartum, it seems like all anyone cares about is the baby. I get it — newborns are squishy and adorable and whatever. Meanwhile, mom is sitting there recovering from serious trauma to her body and worrying about the one thing none of…
By Kimmie Fink

18 Moms Reveal The Most Disgusting Things About C-Section Recovery

A part of me feels a little bad for asking moms an intrusive question like, "What were the most disgusting things about C-section recovery?" I mean, I know C-sections scare a lot of moms-to-be, or women who think that perhaps, one day, they'd like…
By Jamie Kenney

10 Things The First 6 Months Of Motherhood Will Teach You About Your Sense Of Humor

You read a lot about what the early days of motherhood is like. It's challenging. It's satisfying. It's soul-crushing. It's sublime. It's work. It's worth it. It's all true, and I think it's important to discuss all the different ways we can…
By Jamie Kenney

8 Things To Do With Your Baby Before They Reach 3 Months Old

Just like we track our kids’ milestones as they grow up, we should track our own milestones as parents. For example, I celebrated being able to leave the house for the first time on my own with my newborn. So, in my opinion, there are some things…
By Liza Wyles

Early Flu Symptoms In Babies That Should Be Addressed ASAP

The flu is sounding really scary this year. Reports of children dying from it and the fact that the vaccine isn't covering as many flu strains as the Center For Disease Control (CDC) anticipated is giving everyone anxiety, especially new parents.…
By Shari Maurer

7 Ways Your Baby Is Trying To Say "Hey, You're Doing Amazing"

The first few months of motherhood are probably the roughest months of parenting. And while I'm sure they are plenty of non-verbal ways your baby tells you that you are doing amazing, somehow everything you do feels horrifically wrong. I had no idea…
By Dina Leygerman

This Mom’s Viral Pacifier Teething Hack Is Seriously Genius

As cute as little baby chompers are, the teething process is no fun for parents or babies. It's painful, frustrating, and comes with a degree of helplessness when caretakers are forced to watch their little ones suffer without having many options to…
By Azure Hall

Is Your Toddler Getting Enough Vitamin D? Experts Recommend High Amounts

As you've probably heard from your doula, OB-GYN, or pediatrician, vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin your kids should be receiving from day one. But the answer to how much vitamin D should toddlers take each day isn't black and white. Like…
By Tessa Shull

26 Moms Reveal The Grossest Thing They've Done For Their Kids

In my nine years of parenting, I’ve learned a few things. For example, things are always easier if you can stay calm, every stage of parenting is different, and my love for my children is unlimited. So much so, in fact, that I’ve done some really…
By Steph Montgomery

8 Doubts You'll Have About Your Marriage When You Have A Newborn

I've learned that there are few certainties in life, and even fewer when it comes to parenting. Being a mom is literally nothing like I imagined it would be, and I had no idea how much it would change my relationship with my partner. Honestly, new…
By Steph Montgomery

Brie Bella Returned To Wrestling After Maternity Leave & Fans' Reactions Were So Sweet

Get ready to meet your new hero. Though she's well-known among WWE fans, those who are more interested in the Grammys might not realize that Brie Bella returned to wrestling after maternity leave for the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match on…
By Jenn Rose

These Old Wives Tales About Early Teething Are Total Opposites

When you have a newborn in your life (and even long before), it seems that everyone has a piece of advice to bestow upon you. Whether your baby is fussy, has a full head of hair, or even gets his first tooth early, chances are there's a superstition…
By Tessa Shull

19 Acronyms Every New Mom Needs To Know, Like, ASAP

If becoming a new mom wasn't life-changing enough, it turns out that a lot of the words and phrases tossed around you may become more complicated, too. Luckily, commonly used phrases amongst moms and medical professionals often get shortened to save…
By Tessa Shull