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The 10 Most Kickass Celebrity Breastfeeding Moments Of 2017

Despite what you may have heard, celebs aren't always just like us... but when it comes to breastfeeding, no amount of fame or fortune can spare a mom from the (oftentimes very challenging) reality! Certain aspects of nursing are just inescapable, and while some moms have an easier time than others, it's almost never easy. That's why we appreciate it when well-known mamas do their part to normalize this very natural process, like the stars behind the best celebrity breastfeeding moments of 2017.

From gritty reveals about the physical discomforts and challenges to teary-eyed confessions about the emotional toll nursing can take, when a famous mom shares a personal breastfeeding moment it helps to empower women everywhere by making them feel less alone. You have to give these women credit: Nursing isn't always pretty, and it's almost never glam. But the ladies featured here haven't let vanity stand in the way of their pro-breastfeeding agenda, which is fairly impressive considering they're all in an industry where "pretty" and "glam" are more or less everything.

Every year, it seems, we make greater strides towards breastfeeding acceptance (even breastfeeding in public! Imagine that!). Thanks in part to moms in the spotlight who've dared to get real about feeding their babies, this year was no exception. Here are some of our favorite examples of celebrity moms getting real about breastfeeding their babies.


Amber Tamblyn Let Loose on Leaks

The brilliantly outspoken Amber Tamblyn made nursing moms the world over laugh (and cringe) in recognition when she posted this pic of her milk-stained t-shirt with the caption "Who Wore It Better? Left tit or right tit? #MilkLife#StarsTheyreJustLikeUs!" Ah, there's nothing like a stiff, splotchy, wrinkled tee to make a new mom feel fancy AF.


Amanda Seyfried Wasn't Having It

Preach, Amanda Seyfried! The new mom, who gave birth to her first child this year, was rewarded with countless approving comments when she tweeted this acceptance-promoting, anti-mom shaming sentiment. Fed is best!


Kristen Bell Was a 'Bad Mom' on Skype

Kristen Bell illustrated the intrepid ingenuity of nursing moms when she shared the hilariously humiliating tale of what happened when she tried to pump during the first table read for Bad Moms, which she joined via Skype.

“I didn’t know I was on a movie projector. I would have loved a heads up. I thought it was like, ‘We’re going to Skype in. It’s going to be on a computer.’ And I was home because I wasn’t going early because I still had a little one and I needed to pump. And I’m sorry when you gotta do it, you gotta do it. And I thought, ‘They’re not going to care, also it’s not going to be very loud.’ Again, I didn’t’ realize I was on a 200-inch screen on speakers in a conference room. I thought it was someone’s computer.”

Nothing to be ashamed of, mama!


Kelly Rowland Got SO Real

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In her fabulously titled 2017 book Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out (and Wonder What the #*$& Just Happened), Kelly Rowland did NOT hold back when describing the experience of breastfeeding her son (and oh boy, can we ever relate):

“All that gnawing at your nipples will take its toll! In those early days, I was fascinated (my polite way of saying ‘horrified’) by the transformation of the boobs. My nipples were HUGE ― we are talking the size of Frisbees ― and sometimes I could see these veins bulging out while I was nursing. My boobs themselves were so long and stretchy that I sometimes felt like I could’ve swung them over my shoulders.”

We're laughing AND crying.


Peta Murgatroyd Forgot Her Boob Pads

Leaking boobs strike again! Peta Murgatroyd of Dancing With the Stars showed that even the most glamorous moms have decidedly non-glamorous moments when she posted this pic with the following caption:

"Oh the joys of motherhood 😩 Leaking boobies are so NOT hot right now... LOL #mustremembermyboobpads"


Tess Holliday Shut Down the Haters

When model Tess Holliday got flack for posting a photo of her breastfeeding her son at a women's march, she clapped back with the best retort ever:

"Those saying that I should 'cover up'

You mean when I'm breastfeeding MY baby who was a) hungry & b) screaming because he was overly tired & the crowd overloaded his senses & it was the only way to comfort him?! I will feed my child anywhere I want. Also CA state law protects me to do so. Keep your uneducated opinions off my body."


Jenny Mollen Cracked Us Up

Jenny Mollen isn't known for sugarcoating, which is why pretty much everything she's posted since giving birth to her second child with Jason Biggs has been painfully relatable (and ridiculously funny). Like her caption for this pic:

"Remember that Kelis song, 'My milkshake brings all the boys to the lavatory'?"

Yea, we do too.


Whitney Port Broke Down

Whitney Port bravely opened up about the obstacles she faced trying to breastfeed her baby, Sonny, and why nursing him sometimes felt like, as she put it, "someone's slicing my nipples with glass." Ouch.


Serena Williams Got Mushy

Breastfeeding can be tough, but it can also be amazing and so sweet. Serena Williams tweeted about how emotional the process is for her in a truly touching new-mom moment!


Elizabeth Chambers Got Gorgeous

Like Gisele before her, journalist and bakery owner Elizabeth Chambers managed to do the whole hair and makeup thing while feeding her infant son (her second child with husband Armie Hammer). It's all about multitasking!

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