10 Moms On Why Their Kids Are Creepy AF

Children have none of the inhibitions and limitations us adults have learned, so saying things that are totally out of left field, essentially giving their parents the heebie-jeebies, isn't out of the ordinary. So, I asked moms to describe the one time their kid completely freaked them out and was reminded that, more often than not, "out of the mouth of babes," comes some seriously creepy things. Yikes.

For example, my son has started creating very imaginative names for his toys, like "Ike Striker" and "Jovis Bake." He either has a future career as an author, or we have a bit of a weirdo on our hands. He also seems to have a fascinating recall that bests our sleep-deprived memories. He'll often reminisce about things that happened over half his lifetime ago, or bring up details that we have long since forgotten. It's both incredible and somewhat infuriating. In the end, I've realized there's a fine line between being impressed by your kid and being totally freaked out, especially when their comments are about the paranormal or things that challenge your notions about how the world works.

Many people feel afraid when they first become parents; the responsibility, the messy bits, and the fact that you can never take a day off. However, it turns out the most frightening things about children might just be the things they say. Don't believe me? Well, just take the following moms' words for it:


"My son talks to our dog. It really weirds me out, especially as he pauses to wait for a reply!"


"When my daughter was a 4-year-old toddler, she told me she had been talking to her great grandmother in her bedroom at bedtime. The next morning I got a call that she had died in the night. All. The. Creeps."


"I have 3-year-old twins and they constantly talk to each other in a private language and finish each others sentences. I know it's normal and it's kind of amazing, but it still freaks me out."


"My daughter has always been really independent. When she was 18-months-old I went into her room and she had taken her own diaper off and was trying to put a new one on!"


"I was helping my 6-year-old daughter with her math homework, when she asked me a really tricky four digit addition sum. I went to get the calculator and when I came back she said the answer, correctly. I checked it three times and couldn't believe she got it right. I have no idea how she did it, to this day."


"My kid always draws a green man in his pictures. When we ask who the man is, he says, 'You'll find out soon.' It is so creepy!"


"Both of my kids are totally obsessed with my death. They openly talk about the things in the house they would like to own if I die, and who would look after them. I have reassured them I am not going anywhere but they don't even seem that upset, its just so matter of fact."


"My son has always been a daredevil and he is constantly freaking me out, by jumping off crazy high things and taking stupid risks. He has no concept of personal safety and when he gets hurt he just dusts himself off and starts over again. I think I am going to be biting my fingernails to the bone until he finally develops a healthy sense of fear."


"My 5-year-old son told us that he was frightened of Santa. We asked why and he said, 'Because Santa eats children.' The look on his face was so serious I almost pooped my pants!"


"My 2-year-old daughter often looks past me and whispers. When I ask who she's talking to, she just says, 'Shh now.' It gives me chills."