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11 Baby Names Inspired By Disney Channel Original Movies

When I was growing up, there was no place I would have rather been than in front of the television. While Saturday morning were reserved for Nicktoons, Friday nights were meant for new episodes of Disney shows and of course, new or repeated Disney Channel Original Movies (or DCOMS, as the cool kids called them). Though I may have fallen off the bandwagon of devoted fans as I got older, I didn't walk away without keeping a few baby names inspired by Disney Channel Original Movies tucked away for my future child(ren).

Halloweentown will always be my favorite DCOM, but in all honesty, I can't picture naming my daughter Marnie and being happy with it. Same goes for another favorite of mine, Zenon. Though we're currently in the 21st century, neither Zenon, Nebula, nor Prota Zoa are the first names that cross my mind when it comes to making plans for the name of my future child. With all the unique baby names coming around though, I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up landing on someone's list as potential baby names. If you're like me and prefer something a little less "out of this world," these 11 names should give you the inspiration you need for your vision board of baby names.



Whether you were a fan of Disney Channel's The Cheetah Girls with or without Raven-Symoné, one thing that was probably universal was the love for Chanel's peacemaker personality and awesome sense of style.



The star of both the Disney Channel show The Proud Family and the Disney Channel Original Movie, The Proud Family Movie, Penny Proud's no nonsense character traits made the old school name relevant once again.



Landing himself in the starring role of Disney's The Famous Jett Jackson and its accompanying movie, the late Lee Thompson Young made having the name Jett just as cool as it sounds.



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One of Disney's most underrated original movies in my opinion, Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire is one of my favorite films from the lot. If you haven't seen it, Taylor, who is the youngest of the three children, proves in this movie just why the name is more impressive than it sounds.



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Surfer turned snowboarder, Disney's Johnny Tsunami proved that everyone has the ability to adapt to anything as long as you apply yourself.



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If Cody from The Thirteenth Year wasn't one of your crushes back in 1999, I'm totally judging you right now. My love for him back then is enough to make me consider naming my child the same.



Played by Tamera Mowry, Disney Channel's Original Movie Twitches made me wish I had a twin and that I was a princess in a secret fantasy land. Though Tia starred in the movie to as Alexandra, it was Camryn's drawings that made her character so special.



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Vanessa Hudges and Zac Efron weren't the only people that everyone wanted to replicate from Disney's popular film High School Musical. Kelsi, who was played by Olesya Rulin, made me love the name all over again just based off of the way it was spelled.



High School Musical's Gabriella Montez played by Vanessa Hudgens is another name from the movie that would be adorable for a girl's name. Just think back to how innocently cute Vanessa's character was in the movie. Wouldn't you want that for your daughter?



Disney Channel's Kim Possible dominated the scene for years with her show and two movie spin-off's. If her dominating, hardcore, "so not the drama" personality doesn't prove that the name Kim is perfect for strong little girl.



While Hilary Duff's character in the beloved Lizzie McGuire show will always be my favorite, I have to say that her role in the DCOM Cadet Kelly made me respect the name a little more than before.