11 Coconut Oil Hacks That Make The Most Of This Jar Of Magic

Coconut oil has been a hot item for several years now, and it’s hard not to love the sweetly scented oil. There are also a ton of coconut oil hacks that show you different ways to use the oil when cooking, bathing, or even washing makeup brushes. It’s truly a multitasking product.

Whether you like coconut oil in your baked goods or use it to make your hair healthier, you’re in good company. According to USA Today, consumer demand for coconut oil has grown for the past several years, resulting in more and more coconut oil products available for buyers. It looks like Americans’ love for the stuff is not going away any time soon, and according to The Telegraph, Brits have also started buying up more of the oil. This boom has good reason: one jar of coconut oil can take the place of countless cosmetics and other food products. And now that it’s relatively affordable and widely available, why not put it to good use?

So to help you make the most of this miracle product, here are 11 of the best coconut oil hacks. Even if you’re a veteran user of the stuff, chances are some of these might be news to you. And if you’ve never tried coconut oil before, this just might convince you to see what the craze is all about.


Eye Makeup Remover

Is that smokey eye taking forever to wash off at the end of the night? According to Seventeen, coconut oil can help remove eye makeup right away. It also makes a good makeup brush cleanser, too.


Salad Dressing Base

Shape has a tremendous list of food hacks for coconut oil, including a salad dressing recipe that calls for coconut oil, vinegar, and a few spices. This tasty oil will transform your salad into a tropical feast.


Lip Balm

Want to try a totally natural approach to lip care? Coconut oil can double as a great lip balm, as Elle notes. Try it at night to wake up with super-soft lips.


Deep Conditioner

Essence recommends coconut oil as a deep conditioner because it can penetrate the hair cortex and help your hair maintain moisture. It can even protect against future damage. Talk about a win-win.


Calorie-Zapping Rice Cooker

As reported by Glamour, you can reduce the caloric content of cooked rice with coconut oil. There is a bit of a process though, so make sure you're committed before jumping in. First, first, cook non-fortified white rice with a teaspoon of coconut oil for up to 40 minutes. Next, refrigerate the pot of rice for 12 hours. The rice will be less caloric, even if you reheat it for your meal.


Wood Conditioner

Here's an unusual tip from Greatist: use coconut oil to condition wooden furniture or flatware. Just slather on the oil and let it sink in for best results.


Cuticle Softener

If your cuticles get a bit dry, coconut oil can help to soften them, as Health notes. You might want to make a nightly ritual of it to keep your fingers feeling fresh.


Burn Treatment

Get a little too close to that flatiron? Coconut oil, which has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, can help soothe the pain, according to InStyle.


Eye Cream

Marie Claire recommends coconut oil as an eye cream, as it is hydrating and protective for the delicate skin.


Popcorn Topper

For some old-school popcorn topping, Real Simple recommends coconut oil, which was used by many theaters until the mid-1990s. You can use just a light drizzle to impart major flavor without a lot of added calories.


Acne Treatment

Women's Health notes that coconut oil's antibacterial properties can help it fight acne. So the next time you have a blemish, leaving a dab of coconut oil on it for a few minutes might help treat it quickly.

Images: Phu Thinh Co / Flickr; Giphy (11)