11 Group Halloween Costumes to Step Up Your Friendship Game

Like almost everything, Halloween is best when spent with people you love. Whether you’re a new mom who will be spending the holiday with your family or you’ve decided to take a night to yourself and enjoy it with your friends, it’s always more fun to be surrounded by loved ones. When it comes to holidays, there is strength in numbers, and the same is true when it comes to picking a costume for the big day. Why fly solo on your costume when you can pack even more punch with some group Halloween costumes?

Coordinated costumes allow you and your gang to dress up as the cast of your favorite show, pay tribute to a musician you love, show off your pop culture savvy, or act out funny-ish puns that just wouldn’t be the same on your own. Whether you decide to create DIY costumes together or buy them from a store, group costumes are an easy and fun way to step up your costume game and make the most of your Halloween with your friends or family. When it comes to Halloween costumes, more is more.

Gather your crew and take All Hallows' Eve by storm with one of these 11 clever group costumes.


The Old Taylors from the LWYMMD Video

Yes, Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video was divisive. But love it or hate it, you have to admit that its homage to ghosts of Taylors past is pretty genius. Take a page from T. Swift’s book and dress up as one of your favorite versions of Taylor and get your friends to do the same. My personal favorites are the “Shake It Off” ballerina Taylor and the classic “You Belong With Me” nerdy Taylor.


A Game Of Guess Who

This is one of the easiest and cleverest DIYs to ever DIY. All you need is a group all dressed in blue or red turtlenecks ($12, Amazon), cardboard, paint, and your character accessories of choice. Follow this simple Instructable to get the look in a flash.


Every Flavor Of LaCroix

Chris Abney/Unsplash

What once was the beverage of middle aged Midwestern moms has taken the world by storm with its recent surge of popularity. Embrace the trend with your squad and DIY a few flavors of human-sized LaCroix cans. Simply use a pop-up hamper ($13, Amazon) covered in a felt that matches your flavor of choice. Follow this DIY to put together your refreshing costume.


The Viral Bat Family

If you haven’t seen the viral video of the Irish family trying to get a bat out of their house, go watch it right now. You’ll thank me. The family’s distinctive outfits (namely, the dad wearing a button down and tie paired with soccer shorts and knee-high socks) would make for a fun family costume. Just be sure one of your little ones dresses as a bat ($37, Pottery Barn Kids).


Wonder Woman & The Amazons

No costume is badass enough for you and your girlfriends, but Wonder Woman ($58, Target) and the Amazon warriors ($52, Target) come close. This one is especially handy for those who prefer to buy rather than DIY.


The Cast Of 'Full House'

Thanks to the recent Full House reboot, Fuller House, your Full House-inspired costume options have doubled to include not only the child versions of the family you loved, but the grown-up versions too. Dig through your closet to channel your inner ‘90s spirit or go for the more modernized adaptation. Grown up Kimmy Gibbler, anybody?


Halo Top Ice Cream

Not only is this healthier brand of ice cream surprisingly tasty, but the packaging is super aesthetically pleasing. Create ice cream inspired shirts using solid colored t-shirts ($6, Amazon) decorated with fabric markers. Pop on a gold skirt ($8, Amazon) and other gold accents. A halo ($6, Amazon) is the cherry on top of this clever costume for the entire crew!


The 'Spice' Girls

This costume idea is kind of a cop-out, but it definitely made me giggle. Get a group of five of your girls together, have everyone wear whatever they want, and adhere a picture of a spice to everyone’s chest. Ha. Ha. Get it? It's bound to earn you a few groans.


. . . Or The Actual Spice Girls

If the “Spice” Girls was too lame of a pun for you, embrace the actual girl group. Each of them has such a distinct persona, it won’t be hard finding thrift store pieces (or old stuff buried in your closet) to craft each of the Spice's looks. Dibs on Posh!


'Game Of Thrones' Squad

I’m sure there will be a lot of GoT costumes this Halloween, so pack an extra punch by adding the group dynamic to yours. Be sure to include a Jon Snow ($99, Halloween Costumes), Daenerys ($32+, Amazon), Cersei ($32+, Amazon), and a dragon ($35, Amazon). There are so many characters that the possibilities are endless.


Social Butterflies

This is another easy DIY that is guaranteed to get you a few half-hearted chuckles. Don some butterfly wings ($10, Amazon) over an outfit of your choice, print out logos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, and pin them to yourself. This costume is guaranteed to rake in the "Likes."

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