11 Hacks To Build A Better Sleep Space & Finally Get Some Zs

Ensuring a good start to the day begins the night before. If you get a good night's sleep, you will have the extra push you need to get the day going. Unfortunately, most people have trouble sleeping at night. Regardless of the reason, having hacks to build a better sleep space will assist in getting you a good night's rest.

When I was in college, I had a lot of trouble getting a good night's sleep. From working multiple jobs to taking a full load of classes, I experienced a high amount of stress and couldn't get the right nighttime routine down for sleep. After going to my doctor, she explained to me how changing up a few things in my sleeping quarters would improve my sleeping habits. Although I didn't see the correlation when she first mentioned it, I began implementing them. Now eight years later, I still use those hacks she advised upon and more to keep me getting a good night's rest.

With many different factors keeping one away from a good night's rest such as work, kids, stress, and unhealthy eating schedules, finding ways to change that can be the difference between starting your day off right and feeling very sluggish. These 11 hacks will get you on the right path to a better and more energized day.


Take Your TV Out Of Your Room

When I was in college, I had a lot of trouble sleeping due to work and school stress. When I went to the doctor, she suggested taking my television out of my room to help eliminate the want to stay up.


Make Your Room Dark

The Mayo Clinic recommended purchasing room-darkening shades to help build a better sleep space because the darkness will create a room that's ideal for sleeping.


Don't Work In Bed

My doctor also told me that "beds are made for sleeping; not for working or eating." She encouraged me to ditch the late night work I was doing in bed at night because my mind would associate my sleeping space with having to work and increase my stress.


Limit How Often You Co-Sleep

The Mayo Clinic also suggested limiting the amount you co-sleep with your children or pets to help build healthy and comfortable sleeping habits for yourself.


Invest In Seasonal Bedding

Today noted that getting sheets and blankets whose materials are better for each season will help you sleep better at night.


Spray A Sleep-Inducing Scent On Your Bedding

Prevention wrote that using sleep inducing scents such as lavender or chamomile will help you sleep better because the smells activate the alpha wave activity in the back of your brain, which helps lead to relaxation.


Paint Your Walls A Tranquil Color

Huffington Post wrote that painting your room a tranquil color, like blue or yellow with a matte finish, will help relax you before bed. Though the color doesn't matter, just make sure it's something that gives you a calm feeling.


Keep The Temperature Cool

Kathleen Dahoney of WebMD wrote that sleeping in a cooler climate room will help with getting to sleep faster. She also noted that the comfort level of your bedroom temperature affects the quality of your REM sleep.


Ensure Your Pillow Is In The Right Position

Ensuring that your pillow is aligned correctly will keep your spine and neck positioned properly to avoid potential tension or cramps that keep you from falling asleep at night, according to Prevention.


Try A New Mattress Or Pillow

Huffington Post noted that replacing your mattress every five to 10 years and your pillows every one to two can help with getting you to sleep better. By getting rid of worn out bedding, you'll be able to determine if they were the cause of your uncomfortable sleeping.


Use A White Noise Machine

According to Prevention, turning on a white noise machine can help you sleep better due to its low-level soothing sound.