11 Amazing Mother's Day Gifts That Give Back (& Are Actually Nice, Too)

Mother's Day, unfortunately, can feel like a holiday that's made up simply to push us into buying gifts. But truth be told, most moms don't need an expensive display in order to feel appreciated, and instead appreciate the thought behind a gift more than anything else. But as someone who wants to spoil her mom on Mother's Day, buying a gift my mom wouldn't buy herself is the goal and it's even nicer when that Mother's Day gift purchase goes to a good cause. A purchase that helps someone else and makes my mom feel spoiled and special is the ultimate win on Mother's Day.

Depending on the type of cause your mom is most passionate about, chances are, there's a stellar gift out there that you can find for her that supports it. Perhaps it's a beautiful bag that empowers local artisans or a yummy coffee bean that helps rescue dogs, these are gifts that she would love even if they weren't tied to a charity, but it only makes them even more meaningful.

If you're on the lookout for an extra special Mother's Day gift this year, consider purchasing a gift that does a whole lot more than just looks pretty. And of course, she will appreciate your thoughtfulness!


Handbag From Parker Clay

Merkato Signature Tote ($168, Parker Clay)

After adopting two of their daughters from Ethiopia, the founders of Parker Clay moved back just a year later and subsequently started a luxury brand that helps vulnerable women, including those who have escaped sex trafficking, become economically independent.

Parker Clay is releasing three signature Mother’s Day handbags in collaboration with Mary-Louise Parker, Mandy Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg. Those are some high-profile women your mom would be proud to be in the company of!


Grounds & Hounds Coffee

3 Blend Starter kit ($28 for 3 bags, Grounds & Hounds)

Many moms are also dog moms, which will make this gift really special. Grounds & Hounds gives a portion of each sale to a dog adoption program closest to you, so you'll be helping local pups while you sip your morning coffee.


Indego Africa Vase

Gatagara vase ($125, Indego Africa)

Straight from the Gatagara Pottery in Rwanda, this beautiful vase is part of the Indego Africa program that helps lift women and their families out of poverty and into business ownership.


Warby Parker Gift Card

Warby Parker gift card (prices vary, Warby Parker)

At this point, most of us have heard of the glasses company that gives back. Warby Parker gives a pair of glasses to a person somewhere in the world who needs glasses and can't afford them. It doesn't hurt that the glasses are cool shapes and even come in prescription sunglasses, which might be perfect for mom this Mother's Day.


Hand-Poured Candle

Hand-poured candle ($48, FEED)

If scented candles are your mom's thing, how about a candle that smells delicious and helps feed school children? While the price tag may seem hefty for a candle, you're actually buying so much more: Purchasing the candle provides three school meals to kids who need them, helping to improve their education in the process.


Toms Sandals

Toms Multi-colord Viv sandal ($58, Toms)

We've all heard of Toms, but are you aware of how cool and diverse their styles have been lately? They've branched out from their signature slip-on into really cute and trendy sandals that your mom will love wearing around town. And when you buy a pair for your mom, you're also providing a pair of shoes to a child in need. Win-win!


Sky Stripe Apron

Sky stripe apron ($44, The Little Market)

The Little Market is an organization that was founded by women to empower women around the globe, and this sweet apron was made on traditional looms by weaving cooperatives in India. While you're at it, pick up a copy of Soup for Syria ($22, Amazon), a cookbook your mom is bound to love.


Mar Y Sol Hat

Mar y Sol Milka navy hat ($98, Accompany Us)

Accompany Us is a curated collection of handmade goods from around the world and the company is particularly concerned with ethical processes in the creation of the goods. This hat is made by Mar y Sol (or ocean and sun), one of the companies Accompany Us partners with in their aim to change the cycle of life in impoverished countries.


Give To A Cause With Daymaker

Toy for a child in need (prices vary, Daymaker)

If your mom really prefers spending money on other people rather than herself, give to the cause that's closest to her heart using Daymaker. The site allows you to purchase a specific gift for a child in need (from victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico to underprivileged kids in the States who have an upcoming birthday) and is a wonderful way to honor your generous mom who really would rather put others first. Or you could give your mom a gift certificate to decide which story tugs at her heartstrings the most.


Ubuntu Made Bracelet

Maasai bracelet ($25, Ubuntu Made)

Ubuntu Made was started by two pastors from Kenya and Texas, who joined together to start a center for children with disabilities, and then worked to start a program that would employ the mothers who no longer had to stay home taking care of their children with disabilities. Ubuntu Made makes bracelets, bags and bandanas, which in turn pays the artisans above-market wages and provide health care. That's a pretty great reason to gift this to your mama this Mother's Day.


Gaviota Siesta Blanket

Gaviota blanket ($58, Siestas for Fiestas)

We might have a long countdown to Christmas, but if anyone knows the need to prepare in advance, it's a mom. This Gaviota blanket (perfect for a picnic or the beach or as a throw) provides a meal for a family living in poverty in Mexico.

Editor's note: This piece has been updated from it's original version.

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