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11 Punny Pregnancy Halloween Costumes That Are Actually Clever

Fall and pregnancy really are a match made in heaven. Aside from the fact that it's finally cooler and you will no longer be melting from the incessant summer heat, you have to admit that Halloween is the best holiday to be pregnant during, especially if you know how to rock some perfect punny pregnancy Halloween costumes.

The other very obvious reason Halloween and pregnancy are the best is the abundance of candy. If you're the type of person who craves sugar (literally everyone), then Halloween was made with you in mind. All of the candy goes on sale, too, so your wallet and your stomach will be happy.

But what no one tells you about Halloween-ing for two is that your potential for costume hilarity just expanded exponentially. There are so many silly euphemisms for pregnancy and new mom jokes sitting there just begging to be turned into your next Halloween costume. You can even get your significant other in on it and embark on your first family costume before your little one even knows what Halloween is.

Whatever you decide to do, you can't go wrong with a good pun. I can't guarantee that people will actually laugh at them, but you'll at least get a few eye rolls, and isn't that the mark of a truly well executed pun? Try one of these 11 punny pregnancy Halloween costumes and see for yourself.


A Food Baby

Embrace your pregnancy cravings and go with a food theme for your costume. You can go a few directions with the "Food Baby" costume: Either cover your tummy entirely with cut outs of food, logos of your favorite restaurants and junk food, and to-go menu selections, or you can follow this Elite Daily tutorial to create a tiny felt food baby if you're feeling up for a little more DIY.


Miss Conception

Don your best beauty queen gown ($50, Motherhood Maternity), pop on a tiara ($8, Amazon), and write "Miss Conception" across a white satin sash ($5, Amazon). You'll definitely win Best Dressed!




You'll be a twice-as-cute stegosaurus in this dinosaur onesie ($26, Amazon). It would make the coziest costume ever, and it's pretty roomy, so it should very comfortably accommodate your growing tummy.


A Mummy

A mummy. Just pretend you're British for the night and the pun works! The Nellie Bellie Kitchen has a super simple tutorial to create your very own DIY mummy costume. As an added bonus, you can customize it to fit your unique pregnancy body!



This is an adorable costume that is so easy to make yourself. Put a white t-shirt ($12, Old Navy) over a yellow tank top ($8, Walmart). Make a 'yolk' by cutting a circle around your belly from the white shirt so the yellow is visible. Congratulations, you're eggs-pecting!


Ice Ice, Baby

This one works best as a couple costume, so grab your SO and follow this easy tutorial from Thinking Closet. Her variation of the costume is designed for a couple with a baby, but it could be easily amended to work with a pregnant belly instead!


The G.O.A.T. Mom

Stick with me on this one because it is a double pun. That's right. Simply wear this hysterical goat shirt ($22, The Mountain) or this cozy goat onesie ($55, Halloween Costumes), and throughout the night you can tell people you're about to be the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) mom, or you can simply announce, "I'm having a kid."


Bump Ahead

This would also be a great costume for a hardworking couple. All you need is a construction hat ($3, Amazon), reflective vest ($7, Amazon), tool belt ($12, Amazon), and a "Bump Ahead" road sign ($11, Compliance Signs). If you're feeling crafty, you can also make your own sign out of cardboard.


Labor Day

Get ready to get to work (or werq, if you prefer) with this punny costume. Tie back your hair with a bandana ($4, Amazon) and wear a chambray shirt ($40, Motherhood Maternity) a la Rosie the Riveter. Throw on some white jeans ($40, ASOS) for an added homage to the holiday. Girl power and an "I'm giving birth soon" pun all in one.


Bun In The Oven

This classic euphemism for pregnancy, now revamped for your very own Halloween costume! Follow this simple tutorial video from YouTuber AprilAthena7 to get the look.



OK, this one is expected, but it's just so clever that I had to include it. Wear all red; I suggest this cute dress ($12, ASOS). Then cut the Prego logo and some veggies — mushrooms, onion, and peppers work well — out of felt ($9, Amazon) to adhere to your dress. Perfetto!

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