11 Signs You Found Your Soulmate, & Not Just A Solid Companion

Mismatched lovers on movies and TV shows often have explosive, dramatic relationships and even more explosive, dramatic breakups. In real life, however, failing to click with someone may be a much more quiet affair. Maybe you enjoy watching Netflix with this person, but feel a bit unsure about certain aspects of their personality. It's normal. That's why it's important to know the signs you found your soulmate, and not just a solid companion.

OK, if the term soulmate is a bit too heavy, think in terms of a very good match. Whatever the case, there are a few aspects of extra-great relationships that set them apart from the other dates. This is not something you would pick up on right away, necessarily, just traits to seek out in time.

In general, the right partner will help you feel good about yourself, liven up your life, and care for you. You won't have to second-guess intentions or wish for change. For many people, getting into the right relationship is just easy and natural.

What's more, whenever conflicts do arise, people in an extraordinarily good relationship know how to disagree in a fair way. The screaming fights, anxiety, and constant drama that fuel crappy relationships are nowhere to be found. In other words, meeting your soulmate means you've found the person who can help you feel good-humored, calm, and safe in an often crazy world.


You Find Boring Stuff Fun With Them

Did you randomly have a blast grocery shopping with this SO? According to Thought Catalogue, even the boring errands become fun with the right person. Who else could make you crack up laughing in the frozen aisle?


You Are OK With Silence

Sometimes the silence speaks louder than words. Couples who can enjoy a comfortable silence together without immediately worrying about the state of the relationship probably have a good partnership, as noted on Elite Daily. Letting the idle chatter go and just existing with your SO can be very pleasant indeed.


You Respect Each Other's Alone Time

You may think being with your partner 24/7 is perfection, but for most people, a little alone time is crucial. And as noted in Lifehack, people in great relationships aren't threatened by one another's needs for alone time. Going on a solo trip or making time for your separate friends is not a threat.


You Fight Fair

Sure, everyone will disagree from time to time. But the way you handle arguments and tense conversations can say a lot about the state of your relationship. Keeping a balanced dialogue, and avoiding personal attacks, are good starting places, as explained in the Huffington Post. After all, you don't want to say something you'll regret as soon as the argument has passed.


You Laugh With One Another

A shared sense of humor is possibly the most attractive quality of all. And according to Psychology Today, laughter reinforces a positive emotional connection between people in a relationship. It's a crucial (and fun) part of social bonds.


You Are At Peace

Contrary to what popular media portrays, the best relationships often inspire calm, not drama. As noted in the Huffington Post, the confidence and trust inherent in a healthy relationship brings a sense of peace to both partners. You don't have to worry about their actions all the time.


You Care For One Another

When your SO is sick, you aren't totally grossed-out. In fact, you're willing to get your partner medication and help soothe their aches, as noted by Glamour. Even when they're sniffy and feel like crap, you still love them.


You Feel Good Together

Lousy relationships can leave you feeling unwanted, insecure, and generally confused. But in a really great relationship helps you feel good about yourself, as explained on WebMD. A partner who values your best traits is invaluable.


You Make Plans For The Future

Granted, everything from job relocations to family drama can intrude on your otherwise-great future plans together. (And there's something to be said for going at your own pace and not rushing into commitment.) But overall, a soulmate-level relationship will include similar plans for the future, as explained in All Women Stalk. It shows you're thinking along the same lines.


You Are Committed To Each Other

Have you ever dated someone who consistently flaked at the last minute or disappeared for days at a time? It's the worst. On the other hand, a great partner will be ready and eager for a trusting, committed relationship, as noted in WebMD. This shows you're both ready for the same type of relationship.


You Just Know

There isn't any anxiety or second-guessing. You and your SO fit into one another's lives with ease. You just know that it's right.