12 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts From Amazon Everybody Will Love

Most people are pretty busy all the time, and it's easy to forget to grab the perfect gift for your loved ones until it's too late. Thank goodness this is an era with fast shipping from gigantic online retailers that have almost anything you could possibly want. You can even order it from the palm of your hand. It turns out, there's more than a little cupid magic online, so I've compiled a list of the best last minute Valentine's Day gifts from Amazon to embrace that one-click magic.

Amazon is more than just than one of the world's most popular online stores. It's also your connection to hundreds of restaurants, Whole Foods, and quick delivery service of groceries and everyday necessities. Amazon even sells and ships fresh floral arrangements and houseplants, so it's basically the perfect millennial shopping destination. If you're feeling especially lazy, you can even have Amazon gift wrap your package for you for an additional fee.

Personally, I love their gift wrap because it's usually a gauzy, brightly-colored bag, and in my house, those get repurposed immediately to hold my daughter's Barbie junk. That way not only is everyone getting a great Valentine's Day gift, I'm also not stepping on plastic high heels, which are almost as bad as a LEGO block. But whether you go for the gift wrap or not, here are 12 last minute gifts you can get on Amazon today.