12 Hangry Fights I've Had With My Partner

Feeling "hangry" (hungry and angry) is a real thing and it's the worst. I can say, without a doubt, it's caused way more than its fair share of arguments that mean absolutely nothing when I've had some time to actually eat. Turns out, when you're in need of nourishment, it changes your personality. Some of the most ridiculous fights I've had with my partner because I was hungry are, in retrospect, pretty stupid. I only realize it once I'm out of the monstrous demon zone and happily fed, but when I'm going through the ache of low blood sugar and severe crankiness, I can't predict what I'll do or say. Sorry? I'm sure I'm not alone here, as hunger and low blood sugar are linked to arguments with a partner or spouse, according to The Huffington Post. See? Maybe it's not all our fault. It's science's fault.

When I'm satiated, I might not pick a fight about a stray plate on the counter or shoes that aren't in their rightful place. Honestly though, when I'm in "that" mood (where food is all I can think about) yeah, I'll argue about anything in front of me because I'm not in control of my emotions. I don't do it on purpose (obviously), but life is so much easier to deal with when I'm not raging on hunger hormones, am I right?!

To everyone in my way during those times, and my partner in particular as he takes the brunt of my hangry wrath: I'm sorry. On that note, here are some fights I've had with my partner while hungry that I wish never happened (but will probably happen again when my stomach growls).

The Toilet Lid Was Up

What is it with the toilet lid? It's not hard to gently lay down when you're finished with your business. The least of times I want to deal with this is when I'm hungry. Seriously. Put it down.

The TV Was Too Loud

I have super sensitive hearing and really love the quiet. I'm an introvert who thrives on any silence I can grab, otherwise I can't find my center. Sometimes, like when I really need a snack, noises become too much and I may lash out at whatever is causing them. Sorry, but turn the damn television down so I can't concentrate on how freakin' hungry I am.

The Cat's Water Was Too Warm

I admit, some arguments are dumber than others. It's a legitimate concern as to whether or not my cats have cold enough water. Perhaps if I'd had a granola bar or something, we could've quietly re-filled the water bowl and that would've been the end of it. But, that's not what happened, so...

The Cabinet Was Open

I loathe open things. Drawers, doors, whatever. I don't know where this stems from, but if I'm hungry you better believe I'll call you out on that one cabinet that's hinged slightly on the "open" side. Maybe not as important once I'm fed, but while hungry? Forget about it.

The Air Smelled Gross

Yes, I have stepped outside to realize the air had a stench too strong or too unappealing, which triggered a whole argument as to whether or not we should be leaving to get food or stay in. It's not my partner's fault, to be sure, but he's the one standing there while the air smells. My hunger has to re-direct somewhere.

My Favorite Shirt Was Dirty

When I'm hungry, I don't want to waste time deciding what to do about said hunger, only to land on a decision to go out and get something and, when I go to change my clothes, whatever I'd planned on wearing is dirty. This is the freaking worst.

Surely my partner knew this beforehand and didn't tell me, right? Most would grab something else (or even just wear the dirty thing, because whatever) but if I had one shirt in my head and can't wear it, I'm done. I give up because it must be a sign.

The Phone Bill Hadn't Been Paid

It doesn't matter if the payment isn't due yet. Why didn't my partner pay it already? I don't want to talk about money when I'm this hungry and yet, here we are.

There's Nothing To Cook (With A Full Pantry)

I can't tell you how many times I've gone to the store only to find absolutely nothing to cook. It's a real problem that's caused lots of arguments. My partner will look at the food and make suggestions based on what's there and obviously, when I'm that hungry, none of it is worth my time.

No Food Sounded Good Enough

Ever reach the point of no return? Like, you've waited way too long to decide on something to eat, so your taste buds reject everything? This is all my partner's fault because he's the one standing there when I realize I want everything and nothing all at once.

There's Nowhere To Go Eat

The many times we've decided to go somewhere to get food, it's impossible to narrow it down to one. We'll drive around, waste gas, waste time, and argue until landing at the very first place suggested two hours prior.

My Partner Was Too Flexible With Choices

My partner is one of the most easy-going guys ever created. This is a huge problem when someone like me —a woman incapable of making decisions — is hungry but can't pinpoint what to do about it. Oftentimes, he'll suggest everywhere. There's no real logic to it and it doesn't help me figure out what sounds good. If only he'd be more decisive for the both os us, we'd get those portions of our lives back (and eat faster).

We Surpassed The Timeframe To Eat

This is the dreaded point when you're so hungry, have gone through every possible outcome for too long, and have realized there's no right answer and you won't be satisfied no matter what you do. I get to this point often, and to the detriment of my relationship with my partner because I'm not super nice about it. If only life wasn't a string of addressing one bout of hunger after another, my partner and I might be a lot closer (and full).