13 Funny Instagram Captions For Mommy & Baby Selfies

You've just had a baby, which means your Instagram feed is probably flooded with photos of your precious little tot. And who can blame you? They're freaking adorable. However, just because you have a baby now, it doesn't mean your friends and family who are following you don't want to see how you're holding up too, so make it known that you're surviving the ride of motherhood by including some snaps of yourself, too. Even better? A photo of the both of you, paired with the perfect Instagram caption for that mommy and baby selfie. That's right, don't be shy to be the Kardashian of your friends' social media feeds.

When it comes to posting a selfie of you and your baby, really, anything goes. You can go for a Beyoncé lyric, a super cheesy caption, or even something ridiculously funny. Whatever you do, know that you'll be bringing some joy to your followers' feeds. You just had a baby, and everyone probably misses your face, under-eye bags and all. And your friends definitely want to see that baby.

So whatever you're doing, grab that little babe, get out your phone, and take a snap of you and your little one in action.


"Chillin' Like A Gangster"

This is the perfect caption to go with a photo of you and your little one, especially when they fall asleep on your chest. You can share with the world that the two of you are both content just hanging out (if only for a short moments). Also, who doesn't love calling a baby a gangster? I mean how cute!


"Insert Inspirational Quote Here"

Sometimes your brain is just too overwhelmed to think of a clever caption. So when you're exhausted, but want to get up a photo of you and your baby, this is a clever caption to throw up.


"We Did Not Wake Up Like This"

For those days when your hair is actually brushed and your little pride and joy looks like an angel, here's a hilarious caption to show off the moment when you both look amazing.


"Moms Gone Wild"

I mean, just because you are a mom, it doesn't mean you're not still hip. Sure, this caption might be a photo of you drinking out of a juice box or glass of milk, and if you're lucky, you were able to sneak in a bit of wine, but you're still having fun. Show all your friends that you still know how to party, even though you now go to sleep at 9 p.m. (or whenever the baby lets you).


"But First, Let Me Take A Selfie"

Just because the house is a mess, your little one needs a diaper change, and you're leaking through your shirt doesn't mean you can't take a quick pic first. Priorities, people.


"Dirty Hair, Don't Care"

When you haven't showered in days and your hair is in total disarray, this caption will perfectly capture your all-too-real moment. But when you've got a baby (who probably also has something questionable in their hair, whether it's breastmilk or some type of fruit puree), you really don't have time to sweat the small stuff like clean hair.



Those without kids just think of adulting as drinking black coffee or not losing their umbrella all the time, but really, raising a child is probably the most grown-up thing someone could actually do.


"I Woke Up Like This" — Beyoncé

This is a great caption for any look: Perhaps it's a day when you both wake up looking rested and like rock stars. Or maybe you're both looking like hot messes. Either way, it will get you a double tap.


"Silliness And Sunshine"

Show everyone how much fun you and your little one are having in the sun. Snap a selfie while you and your little one are at the park or somewhere else outdoorsy. Did I mention the great lighting?


"Partied Too Hard With This Little One"

Having a baby is a whole different kind of party from what you might be used to, but the aftermath is pretty much the same: You are sleepy and there is sometimes vomit involved. It's like you're back in college, but you have to be the designated driver.


"Happy Hour"

It's 5 o'clock somewhere and we all know what that means: nap time. Let's be honest, you don't even need a baby for nap time to be your favorite time of day.


"Biggest Fan"

What do we do when we meet our idol? Duh, we post a photo with them. So post a selfie with your little one, since you are both each other's biggest fan.


"I Must Destroy You With Hugs And Kisses"

For when your baby is looking extra cute and you must snap a photo with them immediately, this is the perfect caption to go with a photo of you giving your baby a kiss, or some serious snuggles.

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