15 Baby Names That Start With P For On-Point Baby Branding

Although it's one of the most fun aspects of having a baby, picking out that name is also one of the bigger decisions you make as a new parent. You want to find the perfect moniker for your little one, but there's so many options. The baby names that start with P should help inspire you, though. At least the first letter is already chosen, so that decision is out of the way.

And thankfully, there are so many lovely baby names that start with P, so you're still pretty much spoiled for choice. Whether you want a traditional name or something a little more peculiar, these P-fronted names are perfection all the way.

Plus, there may be some fun personality traits associated with names that begin with the sixteenth letter of the alphabet. People whose names start with P tend to be curious about life, popular, and good-humored, as noted in the India Times. Granted, there may not be any studies to back up these claims, but it's still a fun thing to think about.

So if your little progeny needs a name that begins with P, look no further. These names are primo, premium, and perfect. (OK, I'll stop with all the p-words now.)



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The name Piper originally referred to a person who plays the pipe or flute, as noted in Babble. It's a lovely choice for a musical family.



Originally referring to someone who worked as a gamekeeper, Parker is now a super-chill name for any baby, as noted in Baby Center. Something about it feels very modern and fresh.



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This name has Shakespearean links. The Merchant of Venice features a character named Portia, as explained in Babble. It's also the first name of Portia de Rossi, the awesome actress.



A name with Scottish origins, Payton refers to a pastor or guardian, as noted in Baby Center. It's also just a great-sounding name.



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A Spanish name meaning dove, Paloma is an absolutely lovely choice, as explained in Babble. It's a perfect nature-inspired name for your gentle baby.



With Spanish and Italian origin, the name Placida means serene, as explained in Nameberry. It's the perfect moniker for a peaceful baby.



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Referring to a peaceful nature, Pace is a fantastic name, as noted in Mom Junction. It's also a cute choice for a family who's into sports or racing.



A name with Indian origin, Padak means a medal, or one who is precious, as explained in Mom Junction. In other words, it's perfect for your precious kiddo.



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A name with Finnish origins, Pilvi means cloud, as explained on Nameberry. It's another great nature-inspired choice.



Saints, apostles, and kings have all had this name. Now you're more likely to associate the name Philip with the Duke of Edinburgh, though, as explained in Nameberry. In other words, it's a classic name with quite a pedigree.



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A name with Iranian and Persian origins, Parisa means fairy-like, as explained on Nameberry. It's a lovely choice for any kid.



The name Paul is shared by saints and rock stars alike, as noted by Nameberry. It's a classic name that isn't over-used, which is the perfect choice for many parents.



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The name has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, no doubt thanks to the fame of Kate Middleton's sister. But the Greek name Pippa originally refers to someone who loves horses, as explained in The Bump. It's a nature-inspired name with an awesome royal connection, in other words.



A name with French origin, Pacome means someone with a strong nature, as explained in Nameberry. Rarely heard outside France, it would make a lovely choice for a baby anywhere.



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A shortened form of the name Penelope, Penny is a great name in its own right, as explained in The Bump. It's a fun, peppy name.