15 Boy Baby Names Every Other Baby Will Have, Which Is Totally OK


Names go in and out of style. Songs, movies, and even historical events can play a role in deciding what names are popular at any given time. Most parents undoubtedly want to choose a name for their baby that has a positive meaning for them, and that they they feel will set their little boy up for success. If you're deciding on a name and don't want to think too far outside of the box, there are boy names that every other baby will have.

If you want a boy's name that will hold up against all of the monikers that'll most likely go out of style as soon as the next celebrity baby boom happens, check out the names on this list. They are classic, cute, and most importantly, easy for his teachers to pronounce.

Of course, if you don't want to have to label all of your son's belongings with all of his initials from now on, then you should stay as far away from the names on this list as possible. There is bound to be at least one other little boy with the same name in his class from now until he graduates high school.

1. Ethan

With a name that means "strong and firm," it's no wonder Ethan is so popular among little boys. It doesn't hurt that it's also the name of Tom Cruise's character in Mission Impossible.

2. Noah

A classic boy's name, Noah, means "rest, wandering." As probably the most famous Noah goes back to biblical times, this name has truly stood the test of time.

3. Jackson

Jackson literally means "son of Jack," and is one of those cool names that can serve double duty as a first or last name. Just make sure you don't use it for both.

4. Aiden

Sex and the City fans will immediately connect with this name, as one of Carrie's infamous loves. Aiden means "little and fiery," and, as, a mom of an Aiden myself, I have to say that the meaning is so right on.

5. Mason

The name of one of the adorable next generation of the Kardashian clan, the name Mason means "worker in stone."

6. Lucas

The name Lucas means "man from Lucania." You may not know where Lucania is on a map (I sure don't), but you probably remember the character Chad Michael Murray made famous on One Tree Hill.

7. Parker

If you're the outdoorsy type, you'll love Parker, which means "park keeper."

8. Max

Simple and classic, the name Max means "greatest." A perfect choice for your future little overachiever.

9. Christopher

Christopher means "bearer of Christ," and is popular throughout history and literature.

10. Benjamin

Lefty moms and dads can have fun with Benjamin, which means "son of the right hand."

11. Matthew

Matthew means "gift of God," which is a fitting choice for your new little miracle.

12. Christian

Christian means "follower of Christ." But if you aren't religious, it's also a popular name in fashion. Think: Louboutin, Lacroix, and Dior.

13. Dylan

Get ready for lots of boat trips. The name Dylan means "son of the sea."

14. Henry

Henry means "estate ruler," which is probably why it is a common name among kings throughout history.

15. Andrew

Giving your son a name that means "strong and manly," may be setting him up to be a muscle head, but Andrew is an adorably classic name.