15 Eggstra Adorable Easter Basket Goodies You Can Only Find On Etsy

Easter is quickly approaching and that means it's time to make some hard decisions — jelly beans or PEEPS? Cadbury eggs or pastel M&Ms? In addition to those classic candies, there are some adorable Easter basket treats on Etsy that will convince your kids that that Easter Bunny has really upped his sweets game. From personalized chocolates to candy kabobs, these little bites of yum are so delicious you'll want to get some for yourself, too.

I love Etsy for so many reasons, but one of them is because I feel like I'm doing my part to support small businesses and artisans. The treats in this roundup are handcrafted and clearly made with love. Some of them also use ingredients like pretzels, apples, and graham crackers as a base, so they're almost healthy, right? Okay, maybe I'm just trying to convince myself on that last point, but one thing is for sure, these Etsy treats are next-level cute. With Easter-colored sprinkles and even some googly eyes in the mix, you know they're going to absolutely delight your kiddos.

Just make sure to have your phone camera ready to capture their utter bliss when they get to bite into some of these delectable treats.