15 Hilarious Holiday Gifts For Pregnant That Will Make Them LOL So Hard They'll Pee

Because parenting should be fun too, it's always a good idea to throw in some humor with gift-giving during the holiday (or any other) season. But what about for parents-to-be? When it comes to buying a gift for a pregnant friend, consider jazzing up the fun factor. It's easy to default to diapers, onesies, or pacifiers, but one of the best gifts is always laughter and that's easily something you can work into your giving expertise. If not, no big deal, because here's a list of the funniest holiday gifts for pregnant moms that have all the humorous gift-giving answers you need.

Whether you want to take a classic approach, get a little more person personal, or provide them with an all-time favorite that will make them smile, there are a ton of epic gifts for pregnant woman to get them laughing and maybe peeing a little too — oops! Regardless of whether you're best friends or just getting to know each other, these pregnancy gifts are going to get the humor rolling at the next holiday event or baby shower.

Most importantly, don't forget a hilarious, prank box to wrap your gift in to add that over-the-top touch to your humorous holiday present for the pregnant woman in your life. Now get shopping, and let the good times roll.


Pregasaurus Shirt

Pregasaurus Shirt, $25, Etsy

This comfy T-shirt is a fairly quick, clever, and straight-forward way to help your pregnant friend let people know that yes, they are pregnant. And they're also a scary dinosaur, so don't mess with them.


'I'm So Pregnant' Illustrations Book

I'm So Pregnant Illustrations Book, by Line Sverinsen, $13, Barnes & Noble

There are a handful of very distinct, memorable moments of pregnancy that may not seem funny at the time, but will be (for the most part) when they're looking back on them. Flipping through illustrations that highlight those pieces is the absolute definition of humor for pregnant women.


I Quit Drinking (Well, Only For 9 Months) Decal

I Quit Drinking Decal, $6, Etsy

If you have an crafty pregnant friend or want to add some decor of your own to your maternity gift, this "I Quit Drinking" decal is the perfect, hilarious way to do it. Print it out and add it to a chalkboard, picture frame, or whatever else may take your gift up a level.


KinderPerfect (Cards Against Humanity For Parents)

KinderPerfect Game, $25, Amazon

If you know a Cards Against Humanity fan, then this game couldn't be any more perfect for your pregnant friend. It's a late-night game they can play during the third trimester (when going out gets harder to do) or to bust out at gatherings after the kids are born. It's just as hilarious every time.


"In Memory Of When I Could Sleep" Candle

"In Memory Of When I Could Sleep" Candle, $28, Etsy

This gift will get some laughs from the mom-to-be (and everyone else) when she unwraps it, but when she finds herself awake one night with her newborn after several sleepless nights in a row, it'll catch her eye and get a full on cackle out of her. Pregnant moms and new moms will likely burn the sh*t of it, so you can't go wrong with this humorous gift.


Granny Panties

Briefs (aka Granny Panties), $25, Woman Within

The funniest thing about this gift is that, yes, it's hilarious, but it's also totally a necessity at some point. Whether it's leakage during the trimesters, the inability to hold in your pee when you sneeze, or the mess that is your life down there after birth, a pregnant woman will want to use these to be comfortable and guilt-free when they get to throw them away. No shame.


The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People

The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant Women, $15, Amazon

This activity book is gold. It's filled with quizzes, mazes, fill-in-the-blanks, journaling pages, and hysterical musings over what pregnancy is truly like for moms.


"If You Can Read This, Rub My Feet" Socks

If You Can Read This Rub My Feet Socks, $13, Etsy

Seriously, if your pregnant friend's shoes are off and you see these socks, she deserves a foot rub. Chances are she agrees. So grab a pair of these hilarious-saying foot mitts and include them in your next maternity gift.


"Because Kids" Wine Glass

Because Kids Wine Glass, $14, Banky Girl Creations)

The mom and wine jokes are big for a reason, and there are a lot of moms who embrace it with open arms. Even for those who prefer a smoothie, shake, or maybe some tequila in their cup, this glass is a great humorous gift to hand out. You could even include the preggatinis mixology guide to go with it.


"I'm Not A Regular Mom, I'm A Cool Mom" Soy Candle

Regina George's Mom Soy Candle, $21, Etsy

If your expecting-mom friend isn't a fan of Mean Girls, she can't sit with you. Seriously, it's a classic. For the pregnant ladies in your life who love to quote the Lindsey Lohan comedy with you, they need this glorious soy candle. Don't let them down.


"World's Okayest Mum" Tote

"World's Okayest Mum" Tote, $11, Etsy

Whether you're grabbing a gift for an expecting mom or a mom in general, this tote bag is a hilarious way to break the ice this holiday (or at any gift-giving event). Moms are doing great, but why not make light of the times they let their "bad mom" flow? Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Haun would approve.


Insomniac Cookies Gift Card

Insomniac Cookies Gift Card, $10-$100, Insomniac Cookies

Aside from the fact that Insomniac Cookies is open until 3 a.m. and delivers, (which is every pregnant woman's dream) they're also offering 20 percent off more on any gift card purchase over $20. You can email or mail a gift card to your favorite pregnant woman, too. Those midnight cravings might be funny, but pregnant women take them seriously. Even if there's not a store nearby, they'll ship that deliciousness, too.


"You Look Good." Weight Scale

"You Look Good." Weight Scale, $45, Zazzle

Moms-to-be are each bound to gain baby weight throughout pregnancy. Duh, there is a whole human and organ growing inside of you. This quirky scale will always remind your pregnant friend, you look damn good, mama.


Mamentos B.C. (Before Child) Pregnancy Journal

Mamentos B.C. Before Child Pregnancy Journal, $20, Etsy

Not only is this gift hilarious, but it's pure genius. The amount of things moms reminisce on before children is endless, and the only way to remember them all is to record them. Make sure your pregnant friends never forget the era before their kids came into the picture, and cause a few laughs in the process.


Nifty Nabber

Nifty Nabber, $20, Bed, Bath & Beyond

One of the funniest milestones of pregnancy is the moment a mom realizes her belly is so big she can't bend down to tie her shoe or pick up something off the floor. It happens to the best of us, and if you want to be cheeky, this is the gift to get your pregnant friend. Bonus: I guarantee she will actually end up using it at some point, and will refuse to give it up after her pregnancy is over.

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