15 Rainbow Baby Names For Girls To Honor Your Sweet Miracle


There's nothing like a sweet, swaddled baby girl, but when that little one is your rainbow baby? The magic is even more pure. My own sister had three miscarriages, losing four babies, before she gave birth to my niece, and while she wasn't looking for rainbow baby names for girls to honor her journey, it was still incredibly special to hold that baby, knowing she was an absolute miracle.

There's a lot of meaning in your little one's name, regardless of if they were a rainbow baby or not. But if you want to honor the beauty after the storm, you can definitely find nature-inspired names that give you the same feeling as a rainbow, along with names full of virtuous meanings like grace, faith, and hope. Having a rainbow baby isn't always easy. For a lot of moms, there's more anxiety than a normal pregnant woman may endure, and there's a lot of worry and fear that your baby's not going to make it into those swaddles you perfectly folded in the nursery. But once she's here, relish in it. Whether you give her a name that shows off how long you waited and how joyful you are for her, or if you want one that just feels like a rainbow, these 15 rainbow baby names for girls are sure to inspire you.

1. Hope


This seems like an obvious choice, but Hope's name requires no definition. It's there for you, whether you decide to use it as a middle name or your baby girl's first name, reminding you of how you held on for your rainbow.

2. Stella

According to Nameberry, Stella means "star," which is a sweet way to honor your little rainbow baby. It has the nature connection, sure, but it also has that added celestial connection, proving that your little one was always there, just waiting in the sky.

3. Abigail


Abigail is a classic and can be shortened in a variety of ways, but it also means "my father is joyful." I know. The tears, right? If your Abigail has a dad who's been waiting for her, this is a sweet way to honor their patience.

4. Beatrice

I think Beatrice is such a sweet, vintage name full of charm, but the meaning is even better. Namberry noted that Beatrice means "she who brings happiness." I mean, what better name for your rainbow baby girl?

5. Joy


Joy is another one that requires no explanation, but its simplicity is why it's so sweet and lovely.

6. Hana

Hana is a really cute spelling variation on the classic Hannah, but the meaning is also adorable. According to Nameberry, Hana means "flower, blossom," which gives you the nature feel similar to a rainbow, but also reminds you of what can bloom when you feel like there's no hope.

7. Felicity


Seriously, how charming is Felicity? Bonus points: it means "good fortune, happy," which is literally the best definition of a rainbow baby. Happy sigh.

8. Sunny

Sunny is another that requires no explanation, but I'm going to give you one anyway — if you don't sing "You Are My Sunshine" to a rainbow baby named Sunny all the time, then I admire your restraint. Sunny will remind you of the bright days ahead thanks to your little girl, and will help warm your heart after waiting so long for her.

9. Posie


Posie is just cute as a button. Nameberry noted that it's short for Mariposa, which is a name that means "butterfly" and can give you all the rainbow baby feels. A baby who soars and flies? That's your girl, and your love for her.

10. Grace

Another name of virtue, Grace is just a traditional name that has its own brand of sweetness for a little rainbow baby girl. It's hard to have grace in your heart when you're wanting your baby with you, but this name can be a reminder to hold on.

11. Vera


For a quirky classic, try Vera, which is a Russian name that means "faith," according to Nameberry. I think it's darling and is less obvious than a virtuous name.

12. Nadine

Nadine is another name with a virtuous meaning, so if you like subtlety, there's plenty to choose from. Nameberry noted that Nadine is actually the French version of the Russian name Nadia, and it means "hope." I just love it.

13. Faith


Faith is another name of virtue that's an obvious choice, but whether you use it as a middle name or a first name, you and your baby girl will know how important its meaning is.

14. Joanna

If you feel a religious pull as you wait for your rainbow baby, you'll love Joanna. According to Nameberry, the name means "God is gracious," which seriously makes me tear up a bit when I'm thinking of a sweet rainbow baby.

15. Eileen


I don't think the world hears the name Eileen enough, but I love it. Especially because this Scottish version of the name Helen means "bright, shining one," according to Nameberry. What's brighter than a baby girl? What shines more than your sweet little rainbow?