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17 Feminist Stores To Shop On International Women's Day

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Prior to this year, International Women's Day wasn't a huge day on my radar. Though I've always tried to do something small to show my support, this year I feel it's important to be as engaged as possible and stand in solidarity with my fellow sisters. Since I know I'm not the only woman out there looking for ways to support one another on the big day (and hopefully continuously throughout the year), having a list of feminist stores to shop on International Women's Day is so helpful.

Whether people believe it or not, there are plenty of small, women and minority-owned businesses out there that can be supported. From apparel and accessories to food and art, women are truly dominating the game and deserve to be recognized for what they do. To be honest, I feel a little disappointed in myself knowing that there are so many women-owned businesses and I haven't supported them over the years. But now that I'm aware, I'm making it a point of mine to find a new woman-owned business every month to support.

As women, the best support we can get comes from each other. So, if you're looking for a way to give that to someone this International Women's Day, these 17 stores should top your shopping list.

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Love Is Brave T-Shirt, $30, Bravely

A great company to shop from this International Women's Day would be the online site, Bravely. The store, which employs and empowers women recovering from addiction and sexual exploitation, is a non-profit apparel and accessories company. Each product was designed in collaboration with the women in the program and gives money back to them afterwards.

2.Motif's Empowered Bracelet

Empowerment Bracelet, $35, Motif

Online company Motif has launched their Empowerment bracelet specifically for International Women's Day and it couldn't be lovelier. Priced at $60 for a set of two of $35 for one, five dollars from each sale will go towards Planned Parenthood.


Kicking off on March 9 to observe the "Day Without a Woman" strike planned for March 8, Birchbox will be offering a 20.4 percent discount — the average difference between men's and women's pay. The site will also be partnering with The Girl Project to donate 5,000 boxes and $15,000.

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Backyard Tee benefiting the International Rescue Committee, $42, IMBY

Ready to make your wardrobe a little more intentional? Shopping IMBY this International Women's Day would be a great way to do it. Made in the USA using sustainable materials and woman-owned, this site is a great place to shop.

5.Pearl Bath Bombs

Pearl Bath Bomb Variety Set, $65, Pearl Bath Bombs

Pearl Bath Bomb's are handmade in Chicago and woman-led. Crafted with 100 percent vegan, all-natural ingredients and without any synthetic dyes, the products are perfect to divvy out to all of your women friends.

6.Samantha Pleet

Dream Jeans, $219, Samantha Pleet

An independent and stylish fashion brand, Samantha Pleet will be donating 20 percent of all purchases made on International Women's Day to Planned Parenthood.

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If you've been looking for an organic tampon brand that actually works, Cora just might be the one for you. Woman-owned and donating to a female-focused cause, Cora's monthly subscription is a great company to give your coins to this International Women's Day.

8.Unruly Emotion

Strong Hearted, Bodied and Souled Onesie, $19, Etsy

Etsy shop Unruly Emotion delivers empowering and feminist themed onesies and shirts for kids. In honor of International Women's Day, the shop will be donating 10 percent of every sale to Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women.

9.Moroccan Magic Lip Balm

Moroccan Magic Lip Balm, $14, Moroccan Magic

Woman-owned organic lip balm brand, Moroccan Magic, will be offering customers 10 percent off in honor of International Women's Day. Just use the code friendsofkristina10 to receive the discount.

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10.Melanie Biehle

Dark Side Mini Skirt, $75, Paom

If you've been looking for some original artwork to add to your collection, Seattle-based artist Melanie Biehle has some exclusive images for you. Not only does she offer cool art for your gallery, you can also purchase it in on dresses, pouches, and more.

Malibu 1972 A-Line Dress, $65, Redbubble; Small Carry-All Pouch, $14, Society 6

11.L’Oréal Paris Women Of Worth Giftbox

L'Oreal Paris Women Of Worth Giftbox, $23, Amazon

Sold on Amazon, the L'Oréal Paris Women of Worth giftbox will be giving all proceeds of each purchase to the list of non-profit causes of the 2016 Women of Worth Honorees.

12.Sustain Natural

Sustain Natural Body And Massage Oil, $15, Sustain Natural

Founded by a millennial female entrepreneur, Sustain Natural is a brand of all-natural sexual wellness products. Featuring products like condoms, body oils, and lubricants, with tampons and pads launching soon, the brand can be found in retailers such as CVS, Target, and more. The company also donates 10 percent of the pre-tax profits to women's health organizations.

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13.Udderly Hot Mama

Chic Cowl Nursing Top, $54, Udderly Hot Mama

Delivering stylish nursing and pumping attire, Udderly Hot Mama will be offering 25 percent off of all items this International Women's Day.

14.Be A Heart

True Love Print, $18, Be A Heart

Need some new stationary or want to gift your coffee-drinking friend a new mug? Purchase your new additions from the woman-owned business, Be A Heart.

15.31 Bits

Africa Charm Necklace, $48, 31 Bits

An ethical jewelry brand that uses a holistic approach for its employees, 31 Bits offers every woman that enters the 5-year program, a family feeling. Handcrafted in Uganda and Indonesia, each woman apart of the Uganda program is given a job, a community, and an education and help developing a plan for her future.

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The Boss And The Groom Wine Glass Set, $25, Lockwood

Owned by a former woman stockbroker, Lockwood is a boutique lifestyle store based in New York. Delivering clothing, decor, kitchen accessories, gifts, and things for kids, the store is a great way to support women this International Women's Day.

17.Polka Dot Cupcake Shop

Though the Polka Dot Cupcake Shop is found in New Jersey, the travel to get one of the custom divine sweets off of the menu is well worth it. Woman-owned and operated, this shop is sure to impress you with every bite.

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