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Here Are 17 Nicknames For Sons That Aren't Buddy Or Chief, For A Change

A lot of thought and consideration goes into naming your baby. You do research, you write out the first and last names together, and you try saying it out loud 100 times so that you can see how it sounds. But no matter how much you might insist on relatives and the newly minted grands on calling your child by his proper name, somehow a nickname slips in and gets stuck. Your best bet at having any say over what your kid is called is to find some fun nicknames for sons that aren't Buddy or Sport or Chief and pick the best one for your little guy.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with Buddy, Sport, or Chief. But when you go to such great lengths to come up with an original proper name, it seems like a waste to throw it all away on a nickname shared by countless male children (and sometimes pets). So why do we so often wind up giving our kids nicknames that have nothing to do with the names on their birth certificates? First off, it’s usually a show of affection. Plus, in some cases, a nickname better suits your child’s personality than their given name. And while a formal first name might be to honor a relative, your child’s nickname is inherently their own, and truly represents them as an individual.

These 15 nicknames for boys are a testament to how cute, kind, and utterly adorable it is to have a son — antics and all.


Chunky Monkey

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All of those delicious rolls and folds have well earned your boy the title of Chunky Monkey. Maybe it’s his sweet little stomach or those thick baby thighs, but this nickname is sweet any way you put it (and it might put you in the mood for some ice cream).


Little Man

Your son is your baby boy. And then, seemingly overnight, your not-so-little guy becomes almost like a mini adult. That’s when a Little Man nickname is an absolute must.



In Spanish, “chico” means “boy” but it also means “little.” So basically, by calling your little boy chico, you’re just calling him, well, a little boy. But it sounds so cute in Spanish.



There’s no denying your '80s or '90s childhood if “dude” is in your vernacular. Giving your child the Dude nickname means that he’s a cool kid for sure. And you can always switch it up and say “Big Dude” or “Little Dude.”



Because sometimes he's a snuggly teddy bear, and sometimes he's a silly willy nilly old bear, and sometimes he's a grumpy bear... but he's always your little bear. (And even when he's a big bear, this nickname will still sound almost cool.)



"Little mouse" in Italian, this one can always be shortened to "Topo" when your kid gets "too old" for silly nicknames (*sob*).


Big Guy

At his last well-baby visit, you marveled at how much bigger your boy has become. So give your big guy the props he deserves with this nickname that celebrates how much he’s grown.


Cookie Monster

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Whether he watches Sesame Street, loves eating some double chocolate chunk cookies, or both, Cookie Monster might be a fitting name for your child. Plus, putting the word Cookie at the front softens the sound of it, because you might get some looks if you just call your kid Monster!



The French word for "teddy bear," you'd pick this one for all the reasons you might choose Bear (above), except... in French (so it's even more charming).



Can't you just picture a little boy who goes by the name Bubsy? You'd just want to squeeze him. And sometimes, you could just call him Bubs.



What is it about caped crusaders that kids find so captivating? If your son is obsessed with every Marvel character on the block, you can call him Batman, Spiderman, Superman — or just cover all your superhero bases and call him Hero instead.



Perfect for little ones who crawled at the speed of lightning and haven't slowed down since, this nickname is extra cool because it's also the name of a superhero.



Calling your kid “kid” might come off as a little abrupt. But “kiddo” softens it up a bit, and connotes all the love and affection you have toward your little one.



OK, so literally this means "my blanket or cuddly thing" in French, but it's just one of those whimsical, weirdly endearing terms of endearment.



From fetching food and constantly refilling his sippy cup, you already treat your son like a royal. Give him the status he deserves by calling him Prince. Now all he needs is to learn how to do the royal wave...


Rock Star

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Your son already steals the show every time you’re together. That’s why calling your child Rock Star just makes sense.



There’s nothing like a sweet-natured little boy, so show your son some sugar by calling him Sweetie. It’s truly a nickname that never goes out of style.