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19 Easy Elf On The Shelf Christmas Eve Ideas, Bc You're So Done

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When you have a toddler in the house, it doesn't get any better than Christmas Eve. Their off-the-charts excitement for Santa is completely contagious, and your Elf on the Shelf's presence all month long help build the anticipation. But all good things must come to an end. Your child might be crushed once they actually realize that their beloved Scout won't be around come Christmas morning, so you got to make sure he or she goes out with a bang. These easy Elf on the Shelf Christmas Eve ideas for toddlers will conveniently set the elf up for his departure (and Kris Kringle's arrival).

When Christmas Eve finally arrives, my kids are elated that the wait for presents is finally over. But as a parent, I have another reason to rejoice: I no longer have to find a hiding spot for our Elf on the Shelf. After weeks of moving that little doll around the house and waking up in a panic on the nights when I forgot, it's pretty glorious to have the reign of the Elf come to an end. On the night before Christmas Eve, I love going all out and doing one last epic scene, because in 24 hours, I get to pack Scout up and store him away until next year.

Here are 19 easy-yet-grand finales for your Elf that will make saying goodbye just a little bit easier.


Time to Say Goodbye

On Christmas Eve, the Elf's work is finally done, and it's time to say goodbye until next year. Have him bid adieu to your household by spelling out "Bye" in marshmallows or candy canes.

If you're the crafty type, make him a little sign that says, "Ho Ho Ho, I gotta go! See you next year!"


Stocking Stuffer

Elf on the Shelf is the ultimate stocking stuffer. Have her nesting in your child's stocking for a fun surprise to wake up to on Christmas Eve - you can explain that she's making sure the stocking has enough room for all of the gifts Santa will (hopefully) bring later.


Elfie Shark

Getting your kid to take a bath on Christmas Eve can be a hard task considering all the excitement. But, if you cleverly place your Elf in the bath with a fun "Elfie Shark" sign that morning like @jessica_telfer did, you might just win bath time.


Down the Chimney

Santa isn't the only one who comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve. Have your Elf get in on the fun. Place it in the fireplace and rub a little soot on her nose and sprinkle some coffee grounds on the floor. She's just making sure the chimney is all set for Santa's arrival after all.


Something To Remember Me

Elf might be ready to go back to the North Pole for some rest after all those nights flying back and forth, but your kids are going to miss him. Take some inspiration from @sammistewart18 and have Elf scan himself so he can leave a little memento behind!


Power Up!

After an entire month of nightly flights to the North Pole, Elf is feeling tired. To help energize her for one last trip of the season, place a cup of coffee next to her to make sure she's got plenty of fuel!


One Last Game

Your little Elf has been entertaining your kiddos all season long with his antics. For one last hurrah, set him up playing a final game of Tic Tac Toe as @karilynnjansen staged.


Leave Out Reindeer Snacks

Your elf's last good deed could be helping your kids get the house ready for Santa's arrival. Place your Elf next to a plate of carrots or reindeer biscuits to show the kids exactly what Santa's travel companions will be craving.


Stage A Wedding

If you have two Elf on the Shelfs in your home, stage a wedding, like @bellelisec3, for a grand finale scene. Leave a little note that says that your two elves couldn't help but fall in love over the past few months, and now they're going back to the North Pole as Mr. and Mrs (or Mrs. and Mrs, or Mr. and Mr.)


Goodbye To New Friends

Your little Elf made some great new friends this season. On Christmas Eve, have her say goodbye to the toys in your house, like @fotolove6 did with these Minions.


Bows For Days

If you have bows leftover after you finish up wrapping your presents, here's the perfect use for them. Stage a climbing wall for Elfie like @mirandabrooke_, and your kiddos will think it's the coolest stunt yet.


Trapped in the TV

If you're looking to retire your Elf for good, you can do a clever trick that parents the world over are getting in on. Have her get trapped in the TV!


Sealed with a Kiss

Is there anything cuter than an elf giving out free kisses on Christmas Eve? It's the sweetest way to send Santa's helper off.


Vacation Time!

Your Elf has been hard at work this December and now it's time for a big vacation. Put a lei around your Elf or pack her a little suitcase, because she's headed to the tropics for some R&R!


Sparkly Steps


Use glitter (or powdered sugar, if you just can't deal with the whole glitter thing) and doll shoes or boots to make tracks towards the front door (or the chimney).


Sleeping Selfie

Pose your Elf in bed next to your sleeping child and snap a pic (this only works if your tot is a heavy sleeper). Print out the photo and leave it by the tree with a note: "I had fun with you this year! See ya next Christmas!"


Kisses For Cookies

After "Santa" eats his cookies, place a few Christmas-colored Hershey's kisses on the empty plate and write a note: "Hitched a ride with Santa to the North Pole! Here are some kisses for being such a great pal this year."


The First Gift


Let your Elf be the giver of your kid's first gift on Christmas morning: Write out a tag from your Elf to your tot, and add a quick "goodbye" message.


Say It With M&Ms

Your toddler can't read yet, but you can still spell out a goodbye message using red and green M&Ms (or Skittles, or even marshmallows) and say it out loud. Just keep it simple ("Bye! Love ya!"), or you'll run out of candy fast.


Make A Photo Collage

Stage a fabulous last night for your Elf: Singing carols with the other toys, wrapping presents, baking cookies. Take pics of the various activities and print them out in a collage to show your toddler how the Elf spent his final evening with your family making her holiday special.