20 Facts About Prince Harry That Make Him Even More Charming

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Prince Harry has lived his entire life in the spotlight. From the time his parents announced his birth to the public, the paparazzi took every opportunity to photograph him and report on the family's life. But despite decades of media coverage, fun tidbits about him never get old. For example, there are probably quite a few facts about Prince Harry that you probably didn't know.

Prince Harry was born on Sept. 15, 1984, joining Prince William as the littlest royals toddled around Kensington Palace together. From day one, his bright smile and even brighter red hair have been capturing hearts around the world. Through his grade school days, the party phase, and his move into philanthropy, Prince Harry's fans have watched and cheered him on — and he didn't disappoint.

In his later years, Prince Harry fell in love with and married former Suits actress Meghan Markle. Along with blessing the world with their adorable son Archie, this union brought to light even more fun facts about Prince Harry for everyone to gush over. So if you're looking to love him even more than you already do, read on to discover a few new pieces of adorable information about the Duke of Sussex.

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