20 Princess Charlotte-Inspired Coats For A Classic Winter Look

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It's finally getting chilly outside. Is your little gal in need of a dress coat this winter? Look no further than the United Kingdom's youngest princess for your shopping inspiration. Finding a Princess Charlotte-inspired coat is easier than it sounds. The littlest Cambridge wears gorgeous, well-made classic coats all winter long, and there are many brands out there emulating that regal look for little ladies around the globe. Princess Charlotte is as adorable (and spunky!) as they come, and I love her for it, especially when she sticks out her tongue at photographers.

For a look inside the lives of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, check out a recent Elle magazine story on the royal trio. Turns out, royals, they're just like us! And just like Duchess Kate, you want your little princess to look stylish when you are out and about this winter. I have searched high and low and found a selection of coats that I think give off a sweet Princess Charlotte vibe while being warm, classic, and at a variety of price points.

With brands like Boden USA, Rothschild, and Zara Kids (and maybe a new discovery or two), you really can't go wrong in the dress coat department. Here's to a festive holiday season with your little one.

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