21 Of The Most Genius New Baby & Toddler Products On Amazon


It's tempting to want to buy up every baby product on the planet when you're expecting or raising a child. Unfortunately, unless you live in a mansion, you likely don't have room for everything that makes you go aw. That's why editing your shopping list and focusing on genius new baby and toddler products you can purchase at affordable prices on Amazon is one smart way to get the most for your money and save money.

Parents need products that are functional, grow with your baby, and are durable enough to last a long time. These new baby and toddler products range from ergonomic spoons that will teach little ones to be independent eaters, to a four-in-one nursing cover created by a genius mom, all the way to a stroller that can transform from a single to a double in seconds. They're exciting, well-designed, and — most importantly — they're helpful to both you and your baby.

Raising little ones requires all the help a parent can get. These new products will save you time, reduce stress and frustrations, and many of them are better alternatives to older products on the market — in addition to being incredibly innovative.

1A Colorful Toddler Spoon That's Actually Comfy To Hold


Kizingo Toddler Spoon, $10, Amazon

If you've ever watched a toddler try to eat with most spoons, you know it can be difficult for their little hands to hold a grip on a utensil. But these dishwasher- and microwave-safe spoons are designed with a curve that suits the way most little ones hold spoons. Plus, they come in eight vivid and fun shades.

2A Powder-Coated Steel Diaper Basket That Keeps Odors Away


Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, $70, Amazon

Minimize odors with this powder-coated steel diaper pail, which has a rubber seal and a childproof safety lock (for obvious and important reasons). It also has a covered rim to keep bags from breaking, and these pails come in 17 modern colors that include hot pink, navy, and pistachio.

3A 4-In-1 Carrier That Grows With Baby From Infancy To Toddlerhood


Infantino Flip Advanced 4-In-1 Convertible Carrier, $22, Amazon

This machine-washable four-in-one convertible carrier can take your child from infancy (8 pounds, to be exact) to toddlerhood (maximum 32 pounds). The seating options include: baby-facing in with a narrow seat ideal for newborns, baby-facing in with a wide seat for older babies, baby-facing out with a narrow seat for babies with head control, and, finally, a back carry option with a wide seat for older babies and toddlers.

4A Car Seat With A 4-Position Extension Panel


Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit All In One Convertible Car Seat, $190, Amazon

Imagine getting a decade of use out of one car seat — and that's the value you can expect with this new convertible car seat, which literally grows with your child. It has a four-position extension panel that allows you to keep your child facing rear until they weigh 50 pounds, a harness you can adjust with one hand, and a 10-position adjustable headrest.

5A Bath Divider For Your Toddler


KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket, $13, Amazon

If you have a standard-size porcelain tub and feel anxious about your toddler sliding around during bath time, this storage basket provides an ideal solution. It keeps them in one place, and organizes all their toys so they have a place to play, too.

6A Brush That Cleans Every Part Of The Bottle


OXO Tot Bottle Brush, $7, Amazon

This brush comes in two parts — a scrub brush with a long handle to deep clean the insides of bottles, and a smaller detail brush that gets into the crevices of bottle nipples, breast pumps, or sippy cups. It comes with a stand to hold the brush up for easy drying and ventilation.

7A Healthier Alternative To Plastic Bottles


Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle, $14, Amazon

Over the years, concerns over BPAs and chemicals used to make some plastic baby bottles have led companies like Lifefactory to create this innovative glass baby bottle, which has a protective silicone sleeve. The thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass used for this bottle allows you use it in extreme temperatures without shattering. It's also compatible with most breast pumps and, of course, is free of BPAs and phthalates.

8A Multi-Use Nursing Cover That Does It All


Covered Goods Nursing Cover, $35, Amazon

When is a nursing cover much more than a nursing cover? When it's this four-in-one nursing cover, which you can put into action as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and a sweet infinity scarf.

9A No-Slip, No-Tip Bowl That Encourages Independent Feeding


Numnum Beginner Bowl, $14, Amazon

Prevent frustrating dinnertime episodes before they have a chance to rear their ugly heads by serving your toddler meals in this beginner bowl, which features a genius no-spill, no-tilt design. It's safe for the microwave and dishwasher, is made with FDA-approved materials, and contains absolutely no PVC, BPA, or phthalates.

10Disney Bath Toy Sponges That Will Make Bath Time A Joy


SoapSox Disney Bath Toy Sponge, $15, Amazon

It's the perfect bath companion for your little one: a soft terry cloth Disney character sponge with an anti-microbial interior and built-in finger pockets to make cleaning a breeze. Fill it with soap, wash baby, and then surrender the sponge toy to their waiting hands. You can choose among six Disney characters: Ariel, Flounder, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Nemo, and Squirt.

11A Magnetic Calendar Children Can Personalize


Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic Calendar, $17, Amazon

Teach young children how to organize their day and week with the help of this fun magnetic calendar. It comes with 82 magnets including months, days, years, special events, emotions, and even a sliding temperature indicator. Plus, a sturdy attached cord makes it easy to hang this up in their room or playroom.

12A Wearable Swaddle That Lets Babies Self-Soothe


Love To Dream Swaddle Up, $29, Amazon

Not all swaddles are the same, this unique wearable swaddle allows babies to self-soothe by not constricting their arms to their sides. It’s perfect for babies 3 to 6 months old, and features a dual zipper for diaper changes that don’t require you take them out of the swaddle in the middle of the night. Since your baby’s natural sleeping position is arms up, this swaddle puts them in a more comfy position while still containing their startle reflex.

13A Natural Source Of Relief For Babies Suffering From Gas And Colic


The Windi Gas And Colic Reliever For Babies, $15 for 10, Amazon

There’s no reason to watch your child suffer from gas and colic pains. These gas and colic reliever sticks are inserted in the same way as a rectal thermometer, and provide quick relief by stimulating a muscle responsible for gas release. They’re also BPA- and latex-free and 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable.

14A Mesh Bag Feeder That Delivers One Bite Of Food At A Time


Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder (pack of 2), $7, Amazon

It can be worrisome watching babies take bites of food for the first time. Ideal for children ages 6 months and older This mesh bag feeder can be filled with soft fruits and veggies, and will only release one bite of food at a time to help prevent choking. It has an easy-grip handle for babies to hold and is made with BPA-free materials. Ideal for children ages 6 months old and up.

15A Convertible Stroller That Converts From A Single To Double Stroller


Baby Jogger City Select LUX, $630, Amazon

If you're not sure how many children you'd like to have and don't want to blow your budget on baby products, this convertible stroller is perfect. It can convert from a single to a double stroller,and the seats can be front-facing, parent-facing, or even sibling-facing. It's an all-terrain stroller with all-wheel suspension that folds up nicely and fits into small crevices, making it ideal for city living.

16Finger Puppet Toothbrushes That'll Make Your Little One Love Brushing


The Brushies, $30, Amazon

This set of four baby and toddler toothbrushes were designed by a family dentist and child psychologist to help little ones get excited about dental care. Made with food-grade silicone, they're dishwasher safe and free of BPAs, latex, and phthalates. These finger puppet brushes are easy and fun to use and even come with a book featuring the finger puppet characters.

17A Detachable Drink Pod That Keeps Drinks Accessible


Brica Drink Pod, $12, Amazon

Keep a bottle or drink well within your child’s grip (or yours!) with the help of this sturdy drink pod, which easily attaches and detaches to strollers and grocery carts. It's dishwasher safe and will keep drinks level, so it prevents spills as well.

18A Silicone Bib That Catches Crumbs


Happy Healthy Parent Silicone Waterproof Bib, $19, Amazon

Make mealtimes and cleanup less of an ordeal with these 100 percent food-grade silicone bibs, which are stain-resistant and don’t require a washing machine to clean. The coolest part: they feature a wide, open pocket at the bottom that captures crumbs and drips. These adjustable bibs come in four fun colors and can be worn by children ages 6 months to 6 years old.

19A Bath Toy And Water Thermometer That Will Kids Safe Entertained


Ozeri Turtlemeter, $16, Amazon

This adorable turtle bath toy doubles as a bath water thermometer. Submerge it in bath water and wait for the water temperature to display in Fahrenheit on the LCD screen. The temperature will also register in three digital colors: blue for cold, green for just right, and red for too hot. Then hand the cute turtle over to your little one for bathtime play.

20A STEM Bath Toy That Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills


Yookidoo Spin N Sort Spout Pro, $30, Amazon

Babies and toddlers will never want to leave the bath when you introduce this battery-operated bath spout that comes with three interchangeable bath cups with spinning gears. This toy supports STEM and helps develop fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination in children ages 9 to 36 months old.

21A Convenient Mosquito Net For Your Stroller


Baby Mosquito Net, $11, Amazon

This portable mosquito net will fit over strollers, car seats, and carriers to create a worry-free environment for picnics, outdoor concerts, or barbecues. It's got elasticized edges to create a snug fit over whatever you put it on, and the material is durable.

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