28 Affordable Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers In 2018, That'll Grant You A Christmas Smile


Holidays with toddlers are incredibly fun. They're old enough to be ecstatic about unwrapping new presents, but young enough that they're not making outrageous demands for pricey items. That doesn't mean they're totally easy to shop for, however. Figuring out what goes under the tree and what goes in the Christmas stocking can be time consuming, and it all adds up. But if you're looking for the ultimate list of stocking stuffers for toddlers that won't break the bank, look no further.

There are tons of great stocking stuffers for boys and girls, and for younger toddlers and older toddlers on this list, and they're all $20 or less. You can make your stocking themed and stuff it exclusively with art supplies, or make it all about bath time with new tub toys and bath sets. You can fill it with sweet treats, or be practical and get them some essentials that they'll need for staying warm this winter. There are so many cute options to choose from you might end up needing a bigger stocking.

Whichever gifts you pick, your toddler will have a blast rooting through their stocking for the next surprise. Here are 33 stocking stuffers to choose from.

1Stacking Cups

The First Years Stack Up Cups

The First Years

Stacking cups are a great way to practice fine motor skills, and as an added bonus, they double as a fun bath toy.

2Bath Toys

Munckin Fishin' Bath Toy


My daughter would stay in the bath for hours if I'd let her, thanks to fun toys like this one to occupy her.

3Bath Drops

Crayola Color Bath Dropz


These colorful bath drops are great because they truly don't make a mess. They'll change the water color without leaving any residue behind to scrub off later, and it doesn't stain your toddler's skin either.

4Bubble Bath

Sesame Street Extra Gentle Bubble Bath


Your toddler will have a ball splashing around in a bubble bath. This one's fragrance and dye free, so it should be gentle on sensitive skin.

5Bath Crayons

Crayola Bathtub Crayons


Your toddler will get to give your tub a makeover with these bath crayons. Luckily, they scrub right off.

6Musical Toy

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Sing and Learn Music Player


Toddlers will be able to jam out to some music while learning shapes, colors, and numbers with this little baby boom box.

7Paw Patrol Racer

PAW Patrol Racers Marshall's Fire Truck

PAW Patrol

If your toddler is as obsessed with the Paw Patrol pups as mine is, they'll be fired up about this Marshall racer.

8Toy Remote

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote


They're just going to steal your remote anyway, so why not get them one of their own?

9Candy Cane

M&M's Milk Chocolate Christmas Cane


A Christmas stocking isn't complete without a little sweet treat. You can buy these candy canes filled with tons of different candies, but I'm partial to M&M's myself.

10Kinder Joy Egg

Kinder Joy Egg


Kinder Joy eggs combine two of toddlers' favorite things: chocolate and toys.

11Pez Dispenser

Christmas Pez Dispenser

Pez Candy Inc.

Pez candy is just OK, but Pez dispensers? That's where the fun's at.


Colgate My First Baby and Toddler Toothbrush Extra Soft


Practical presents make great stocking stuffers, too. And after all the holiday treats they'll be eating, they'll definitely need a good toothbrush to keep their teeth cavity-free. And if this gift is met with a frown, you can always say that it's for their most precious stuffed animals.

13Finger Paint Set

Tots Finger Paints


Art supplies seem to always be running low in my house, so a fresh set of finger paints would be a guaranteed hit.


Crayola 16 Count Classic Crayons


You can never have too many crayons — especially since they all seem to end up in tiny little broken bits too small to color with eventually.

15Play Doh

Play-Doh Confetti 6 Pack with Tools


Your toddler will love cracking into a new can of Play Doh on Christmas morning, but apologies in advance for the time you'll spend picking up little Play Doh crumbs all over your house.

16Mini Puzzle

DIY Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw Baby Kids Training Toy


These puzzles are the perfect size to slip into a stocking at about 6 x 6 inches square.


Buffalo Check Bear Crew Socks

Cat and Jack

Toddlers will need cozy and warm socks for playing in the snow this winter, and socks don't get much cuter than this holiday-themed set.

18Play Food

Felt Sandwich

Antsy Pants

When your toddler serves you a delicious pretend sandwich, you take a big pretend bite.

19Holiday Plush

Mickey Mouse Holiday Tiny Big Feet Plush


This pint-sized Mickey plush couldn't be cuter. You can also get Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto versions.

20Beanie Baby

Ty Beanie Boos Candy Cane Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Beanie Baby

This cute little unicorn will bring the magic to your toddler's stocking.

21Toy Cars

22Little People Playset

Fisher-Price Little People DC Super Friends Exclusive Figure


If your toddler has already got a Little People play set, or has one waiting under the Christmas tree, some extra figures make a perfect stocking stuffer.


Peeps Christmas Tree


Some Peeps purists think the marshmallowy treats should have been left to Easter only, but I'm pretty sure your toddler will disagree.

24Mini Magna Doodle

Mini Magna Doodle 2-Pack


The Magna Doodle is perfect for kids who love to draw — and parents who don't love cleaning up messes.


HighMount Christmas Santa Claus Stickers 6 Sheets with Snowman and Reindeer Happy Faces


Super cute Christmas stickers make a great stocking stuffer — as long as you don't mind dealing with the creative places your toddler will probably end up sticking them.

26Nail Polish

Piggy Paint Scented Polish Set

Piggy Paint

Piggy Paint is perfect for toddlers who are dying to get a mani/pedi with mom. It's non-toxic, smells greats, and dries fast.


'Merry Christmas, Pookie' Board Book

Barnes and Noble

No toddler library is complete without one of Sandra Boynton's adorable board books. This Christmas book will make the perfect bedtime story after all the holiday action is over.

28Personalized Ornament

Personalized Ornament


Toddlers will get a kick out of hanging their own personalized ornament on the tree this year, and every year to come.

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