3 Eleven Halloween Costumes For Kids That You Can Make Yourself

If you want to rock the most on-point Halloween costume of all this year, then the kids from Stranger Things are a safe bet. The gang from Netflix's hit show basically beg to become costume inspirations, especially for your own brood. And of all the fantastic characters in the show, Eleven is the absolute standout. But you don't have to shell out a ton of money to recreate the creepy character's look. There are plenty of Eleven Halloween costumes for kids that you can DIY.

By going through your closet or thrift store, your kid can probably find all the supplies needed to dress as everyone's favorite telekinetic preteen. After all, the show's looks are based on pure '80s goodness, so they should not be exceptionally difficult to recreate. And for added fun, your kid can even tote around a tube of fake blood for the occasional nosebleed.

If your own kid is obsessed with the show, or just needs some costume inspiration, then you can not go wrong by imitating this small but powerful girl. Whether you want to go as pink dress Eleven or hospital gown Eleven, this guide can help you get started. Just be prepared for lots of attention and photo requests. This year, it's cool to be the weirdo.


Hospital Gown


Eleven's initial look is possibly one of the easiest costume inspirations of all time. If you don't have access to a legit hospital gown, then a light blue nightdress ($18) can do the trick. Have your kid carry around a crushed-up Coke can ($17 for 12) can for added detail.


Water Tank


You can probably pull together Eleven's underwater look with things from your own closet. With a diving mask ($84), tan top ($15), and tan shorts ($17), your kid will be ready for even the strangest of Halloween adventures.


Pink Dress & Jean Jacket


This may be the most iconic of Eleven's styles. You'll need a pink dress with a white Peter Pan collar ($42), jean jacket ($42), tube socks ($11), and high tops ($34). Now, go out trick-or-treating and try not to get turned upside down.