30 Photos Of Royals With Horses That Capture Their Deep & Abiding Love

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The royal family seems to love all animals, of course, but horses appear to have a special place in their hearts. Whether they are petting them, riding them, or getting them to pull them around for weddings and such, the many photos taken of royals with horses over the years are evidence of just that.

Queen Elizabeth II herself has long been considered an excellent horsewoman in her own right, and the rest of her family appear to have picked up on her passion. After all, she has been attending the Royal Ascot in the third week of June to watch thoroughbred horses race since 1945 when she was just a young princess in her 20s. According to Britain Magazine, Queen Elizabeth has owned horses that have taken the top prize at the Royal Ascot over the years.

Her oldest son and heir Prince Charles also has a deep love for horses, having played polo for 40 years before suffering an injury that ended his run in 2005. No worries, though, his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, have taken up the charge as polo players.

Of course, the royal family doesn't look at horses as simply sport animals. These photos show a real love for horses that starts young in the royal family and endures for decades.

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