35 Childhood Photos Of Prince Harry & Prince William To Make Anyone Smile

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No offense to this adorable new batch of royal kids, but these childhood photos of Prince Harry and Prince William just really take the cake. Truly, they check all the boxes to make anyone smile. Nostalgic looks from a bygone era where Princess Diana was raising her boys? Check. Amazing and too-gosh-darn adorable matching outfits on the two young princes? Check. Spying similarities between the royal dads and their own little ones? Check.

Prince William, now 38 and a father of three, and Prince Harry, 36 and a father of one, may live an ocean apart from each other these days, but there was a time when they seemed inseparable. After Princess Diana and Prince Charles welcomed their baby boys, Prince William in June 1982 and Prince Harry two years later in September 1984, those children became two of the most photographed in the world.

Whether they were starting their first day of school, playing soccer in adorable uniforms, going on a ski holiday with their beloved mother, or just playing with some toys at their home, there were always plenty of cameras around to capture just how cute they were decades ago. And this collection of photos displays just that.

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