Courtesy of Sarah Bunton

39 Cancer-Inspired Baby Names For Your Summer Baby That Aren't Too "Crabby"

At long last it seems summer is finally upon us. In a season where people cash in their vacation time and spend more days outside than in, it's no wonder that summer is full of opportunities for fun in the sun. But if you're in your third trimester, you might be getting a little grumpy with these scorching temperatures. Take your mind off of the heat and consider some Cancer-inspired baby names since that's the sign of the Zodiac your summertime sprout will likely have if they are born between June 21 and July 22.

If you're not too familiar with the world of astrology, there's more to the fourth sign of the Zodiac than being associated with the symbol of a cantankerous crab. Cancerians, as they're called, are ruled by the moon, their element is water (obviously, since crabs are in the ocean), and they are known for their fierce loyalty and commitment to their loved ones.

On the flip side, though, Cancers are associated with crabs for a reason. Because those born under the fourth sign are intensely empathetic, they can do a 180 in terms of emotion, thus earning them an unfair reputation of being a bit of a hermit or occasionally crabby. In reality, this sort of duality means your little munchkin has the ability to tap into a variety of emotional strengths. So check out some of these Cancer-inspired baby names perfect for you little one.

The Moon

Cancers have a deep connection with the moon since it also rules the tides of Earth's oceans. The cosmic beauty of this celestial body has inspired poets, artists, and scientists for hundreds of years.

  • Luna
  • Jace
  • Selene
  • Artemis
  • Phoebe
  • Qamar
  • Jericho
  • Yamir


Cancerians will have your back to the very end and love so deeply that they'll be loyal friends for life.

  • Iman
  • Fidel
  • Lela
  • Dillon
  • True
  • Warren
  • Emin
  • Kaleb


The fourth sign of the Zodiac is associated with the element of water since its symbol, the crab, calls the ocean home.

  • Kelby
  • Aqua
  • Glenn
  • Lake
  • Moana
  • Darya
  • Kai


Just like the nature of the ocean and the moon, a Cancerian can bring about thunderous waves or serene waters. The adaptability and varied quality of a Cancer's personality is truly a strength.

  • Tisha
  • Allen
  • Duri
  • Mahir
  • Vevila
  • Hoyt
  • Yami
  • Harmony

Silver & White

The two colors associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer are silver, for the moon, and white, representing a pearl. The pearl, which comes from the ocean, is also the birthstone of June.

  • Gwyn
  • Sterling
  • Ivory
  • Taji
  • Pearl
  • Blanche
  • Fionn
  • Whitaker