5 Subtle Skills Most 3 Month Olds Master

There's nothing more exciting that watching your baby discover and do new things. Whether it's the first time she giggles at a silly face you make or the look on his face when he learns to crawl, these special moments are ones that make a mom's heart swell with joy. Even on the early end of the infant phase there are big things happening with baby on a regular basis. But aside from the more obvious milestones, there are some barely noticeable skills your baby should probably have by 3 months old. And chances are your kiddo is totally nailing these developmental benchmarks, but you may have thought it was typically baby stuff.

Once your little one rounds the corner from newborn to infant, you'll start to notice changes in the areas of movement, vision, and hearing, as well as development in her social and emotional connections, explained Healthy Children from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Your 3 month old is staying busy with tummy time and surprising you with responses to your words and actions. But even actions that seem commonplace or ordinary can tell you big things about your baby's growth and learning. These five barely noticeable skills are your little one's way of letting you know she's crushing her 3 month old milestones.


They Learn Cause And Effect

You may think you're baby is shaking that rattle for sheer delight. And although she is having a grand ole time working that toy, she's also giving you a sneak peek into her development. According to Babble, a baby learns cause and effect when she notices her rattle makes noise when she moves it. Which may be why she wants to play with that special toy so often.


They Master Hand-Eye Coordination

Tummy time isn't all fun and games — it's a major mark in the milestone department. Even at 3 months old, babies start to develop hand-eye coordination, as What To Expect pointed out. This may be most evident when she begins reaching for objects that are place in front of her.


They Bond With Others

Your face, your scent, and your voice have all been recognizable to your baby since she was born, but with age and development, her bond to you is growing stronger. According to Baby Center, your baby is making eye contact and responding to you with coos and smiles. Your little one is starting to connect to the people around her as well.


They Follow Moving Objects

Those little peepers are more than cute things to stare into, you're baby's eyes are growing strong at three months. As Parents magazine explained, by 3 months, "baby's eyes should be working together to move and focus." You can help build this skill by having your baby track objects that you move back and forth in front of her.


They Bring Their Hands To The Mouth

It's no doubt your 3 month old has discovered the wonder of her hands. In fact, it's likely those chubby paws have become a most captivating means of amusement. But as Healthy Children from the American Academy of Pediatrics pointed out, bringing hands to mouth is a movement milestone for 3 month old babies.