5 Moments When Parents Can Universally Agree That Less Really Is More

The phrase "less is more" has never rang so true to me until I had a baby and witnessed firsthand how skilled they are at making messes of absolutely everything their tiny fingers come in contact with. What's funnier is that whatever they're making a mess out of doesn't necessarily have to be considered a "messy" item. Case in point: bath time. What used to be a time of day set aside for getting clean has now become an extension of playtime as my son has learned the fun of splashing around in the tub. Hey, at least soapy bubbles are easy to wipe up.

Less being more also comes into play when I'm shopping for products for my son. Personally, I don't like using products on him that I know can irritate his sensitive skin, which is why I like to look for items like WaterWipes, the world's purest baby wipe that's made with 99.9 percent water and a drop of fruit extract. I know that less mystery in my products will keep him safe and irritation-free, and as his mom I can always appreciate that.

Since parenthood isn't learned over night, (and sometimes you have to learn first-hand that less bubbles during bath time translates to more time not spent cleaning suds off the ceiling) we partnered with WaterWipes to reveal five motherhood moments where a lot of parents can agree that less really can be more.

The First Time You Let Them Try To Feed Themselves

Photo: Courtesy of WaterWipes; Design: Allison Gore/Romper.

All it takes is baby's first experience with a spoon and a jar of food to teach you that no, they actually don't need access to the entire jar — just a little at a time, since less food equals more freedom for them to learn to feed themselves without requiring a bath afterwards. Inevitable messy high chair and surrounding area aside, there's something incredibly fulfilling about watching your baby grow into their independence — just be sure you have plenty of WaterWipes close by for cleanups.

When You Think Straightening Up Their Play Area Will Only Take A Few Minutes

Photo: Courtesy of WaterWipes; Design: Allison Gore/Romper.

As a mom, of course I want to give my son the best toys that encourage growth and development, but it's easy for the toy box to get out of hand. Motherhood has taught me that more toys in the house means longer clean up, and before you know it tidying the play room can take hours.

Basically Every Time You Change A Diaper

Photo: Courtesy of WaterWipes; Design: Allison Gore/Romper.

From the first whiff of a fresh diaper all the way until the big reveal atop the changing table, I'm not-so-secretly hoping that we've got a low-quantity situation on our hands. Of course, even in moments when my hopes are thwarted and I'm left cleaning up my son's mess, I'm happy to have WaterWipes handy, because they're safe for his sensitive skin. (They even have a seal of approval from the National Eczema Association.)

When They Somehow Made A Mess In The Five Seconds When You Weren't Looking

Photo: Courtesy of WaterWipes; Design: Allison Gore/Romper.

I learned the hard way that less time turned away from my toddler was more for me, since it typically translates to me not needing to reorganize a bookshelf or pick up a pile of baby wipes that were suddenly and mysteriously scattered all over the carpet.

When You're An Hour Past Their Nap Time And They're Still Feeling Playful

Photo: Courtesy of WaterWipes; Design: Allison Gore/Romper.

Let’s be real: As parents, one of our favorite parts of the day is nap time, and before those glorious hours commence, there's always the challenge of trying to tire our kids out. In that process, my son is always down for a second (or third, or fourth) nap time story, but I've learned to just read the same book on repeat until he gets bored with it and eventually falls asleep. Spending less time picking out and reading new books means more time for me to sneak in a nap for myself.

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