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5 Moms Share The Sweet Kid Moment That Melted Their Heart

By Amy Jamieson

For parents, it’s the little things that stick with you — the moments you want to bottle up and save for the next time your kids have an epic meltdown about their food being cut into the wrong shape.

Like when my then three-year-old said, “Mommy, you love me. And I love you — let’s get married!” — yup, that was an all-time favorite of mine. Whenever I think about this moment, my heart literally warms — even if the sun isn’t shining and I haven’t crossed anything off my to-do list that day.

It's in these simple, pure expressions that kids show us who they really are, and we adults are reminded of who we want to be — optimistic, sweet, and totally innocent.

In honor of these wonderful kid sentiments, we teamed up with DairyPure to ask moms to share their favorite I-love-this-kid-so-much-it-hurts moments.

Get ready to have your heart melted.


"I wanted to tell my son the, ahem, truth about Santa and the Tooth Fairy before he entered middle school. So when my younger daughter lost a tooth, I decided that was a good place to start. As my husband and I were tucking my son into bed, I said, 'Jake, who do you think put the money under the pillow for your sister?' As I said that, my husband was pointing to me.

Jake said, 'Wait — YOU are the Tooth Fairy?! How do you get into all of my friends' houses?!' It broke my heart a little, but still makes me smile to remember how sweet and innocent he was."


"My husband and I went to our first ultrasound for our third child and were shocked to find out that we were expecting twins! At first, we were petrified. Our minds immediately went to the negatives — double the crying, double the diapers, etc. But the moment we told our older kids the news, our oldest broke into this huge grin and said with pure elation, 'So, you're saying I'm going to have TWO new babies!?'

That simple expression of joy brought us right back to the moment, and I can still feel the sense of gratitude that his reaction inspired in me. And now that the twins are older, seeing their bond makes it all worth it."


“All week since my daughter has been at camp she’s kept saying one thing: ‘I wish every day was Thursday and Friday.’ When I asked her why, she replied, ‘Because those are the days Maya is at camp with me.’ Her best friend Maya is not at camp all week, so Maya and my daughter, who are in different age groups at camp, have these precious hours together on Thursdays and Fridays. When I heard this, I nearly melted at the pure adoration between them.

The best part? Maya’s mom Emily has been one of my best friends since college. It warms my heart to know my daughter and Maya have the same type of simple, loving friendship that their moms have."


“My eldest was a very picky eater and it was a constant fight to get her to eat anything. One time, she went to a sleepover birthday party, and on the way home the next morning she told me, with this look of wonder in her eyes: ‘Mom, Wendy's mother had this REALLY good food at the party.’ My ears immediately perked up and I asked what she served. My daughter said, ‘Her mom took fruit, cut it up, and then mixed it with honey. Then we ate this dish with a noodle, sauce, meat, ricotta cheese, another noodle, sauce, meat, ricotta cheese...’

I laughed as I realized that my daughter had 'discovered' fruit salad and lasagna, two foods I've tried to feed her countless times with no success. It was so sweet to see how excited she got from something as simple as trying a 'new' food."


"When our beloved family dog passed away, my son told me, 'I wish I could climb a stairway made of clouds up to heaven and visit Shelby.' As I listened with tears streaming down my face, he told me, 'Don't cry, Mommy, Shelby doesn't want you to be sad. She is having fun with her friends in heaven."

At that moment I was blown away by the pure innocence and kindness that lives within my child."

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