5 Postcards That Will Accurately Describe Your Family's Florida Getaway


Way back when, before we could use social media to incite FOMO in our friends by posting perfectly filtered vacation pictures, we had postcards. Though your friends might not even get the postcards until you were back at home yourself, you lived more of your vacation moments.

There’s something incredible about living in the moment while you’re on vacation. After all, you didn't fly to a gorgeous place to constantly be searching for a WiFi connection. You're there to enjoy some family time, some "me" time, and generally escape all the pressures of everyday life.

Romper partnered with VISIT FLORIDA to create these five fun postcards that represent your Florida vacation. The only thing left to decide is which fabulous Florida destination you want to be postmarked from.

1. Relish The Perpetual Golden Hour In St. Pete Beach

It’s not hard to find an abundance of filterless family fun in St. Pete Beach. Take full advantage of everything a sunny day has to offer, and send this postcard to your coworkers back home. Include a detailed note about the jaw-dropping sunset you caught last night to inspire them to set their own "out of office" messages for a future date.

2. Check Out Of Society And Into The Florida Keys

Let your friends, loved ones, and coworkers back home know that you’re totally fine, but you’ve officially checked out of reality and into island time with this witty card. Once that note is signed and sealed, you won’t need to worry about responding to any calls, texts, or emails for approximately 3-5 business days. That way you can truly unwind, relax, and enjoy some old fashioned fun in the sun.

3. Create Some Great Content (And Memories) In Miami

Pop quiz: If you experience the amazing nightlife of South Beach or explore the arts and culture of Little Havana and don’t post it to the 'gram, did you even go to Miami? This postcard will keep you off your phone during important family moments while still acknowledging what we’re all really thinking when we visit a place as beautiful as Miami: "What great content."

4. See You Later, Gator... I'm Going To Orlando

There’s really nothing like bonding over the sight of your first alligator IRL! At least that’s what you’ll be thinking once you’ve experienced the magic of one of the area's alligator parks. The fearlessly curious can actually pet the green monsters themselves, while dolphin-watching boat rides are available for a more ‘hands off’ experience. Of course, if characters of creatures are more your thing, there’s always that big famous park that numerous families flock to.

5. Fish For Compliments On Your Destin Vacay

Known for its sugar-white sands, emerald-hued waters and vast fishing opportunities, Destin is a destination worth writing home about. After exploring the surf and tasting the region’s diverse underwater menu, you’ll head home with a scrapbook full of family memories and a newfound appreciation for seafood.

Images: Allison Gore/ Bustle

This post is sponsored by VISIT FLORIDA.