5 Reasons Why You Need These Two Body Care Products In Your Life


Mornings for moms present a unique test of one's patience. Whether you're busy tying shoes, juggling school schedules, getting yourself ready for the day, or some combination of the three, a moment of time to yourself is hard to come by. Peace and quiet? Never heard of them.

To make your days feel a little more serene, we partnered with Olay to bring you the ultimate two-step routine for those blissful moments you get to self-care. Their new body products (a body wash with multiple benefits and an innovative rinse-off conditioner) help you make the most of your shower, so you can feel a little more zen while cleansing and nourishing from head to toe. Efficient, but also easy: That's a win-win for both you and your skin. Here's why you need this start this two-step ritual, stat.

To soften and soothe skin

For a shower routine with the most softening power for your skin, the combination of a quality body wash and conditioner will pack the most punch. We rely on Olay's Cleansing & Brightening Body Wash to not only sweep away grime but so much more. Its vitamin C helps to brighten skin with continued use, and its vitamin B3 helps to hydrate and nourish. Meanwhile, if you've never used a body conditioner before, think of it just like your hair conditioner but — as the name implies — made for your body. We love using the Rinse Off Body Wash Conditioner with Vitamin E after cleansing to smooth and soften skin before even stepping out of the shower. Simply lather it on, massage into skin, and rinse off. Its in-shower moisturizer repairs and heals skin with a powerful complex of vitamins.

It's perfect for colder days

Fall and winter bring an excuse for hot cocoa nights — and they also bring, of course, dry, dull skin. Blame the cold air, which draws out moisture and gives the epidermis a rough, flaky texture. We'd tap our trusty combo above to combat this effect and keep skin healthy and radiant through cooler temps. The vitamin C in the body wash protects against environmental aggressors and helps with dullness, while the ingredients in the body conditioner heal compromised skin. If your skin's especially dry, consider Olay's Nourishing & Cleansing Body Wash, which provides a double dose of moisture with hyaluronic acid.

It's easy and mess-free

A body cleansing routine doesn't get much simpler than this. For one, Olay's line of premium body washes come with a handy pump. And the body conditioner doesn't even require you to lift a finger to open it — literally. Just squeeze the bottle and dose out as much as you need. It only releases product when squeezed, eliminating the risk of leaks. No caps, no mess, no problem. You'll never have to spend an afternoon scraping caked-on product gunk off your bathtub tiles again.

The products smell absolutely delightful

Even if the shower is currently playing host to your child's bath time toys, you can make it feel a little more like a personal sanctuary by taking a deep breath and enjoying the scent of the body wash and conditioner. Both formulas offer a light, delicious fragrance that's uplifting without being overpowering. It makes for well-deserved moment of relaxation.

It's a huge time-saver

It's not news that moms could use as many spare minutes in the day as possible. This duo offers just that. Since the body conditioner is applied in the shower and moisturizes skin in seconds, you don't have to hang out after bathing to slather on a heavy body cream... and wait for it to sink in. There's no residue or greasiness with this formula. Just pat your skin dry post-shower and go. Looking for even more hydration? Try the Rinse Off Body Wash Conditioner with Shea Butter, which locks in moisture with a concentrated dose of, you guessed it, shea butter.

This post is sponsored by Olay at Walmart.