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5 Things All Moms Do When Their Babies Are Asleep


There are two things moms know better than anyone else: First, no matter which way you slice it, parenting is a 24/7 gig. Whenever your baby is jonesing for a feeding, you're there. When they're in desperate need of a nap, you're there. If they burst into tears in the middle of the night for seemingly no other reason than wanting to be kissed on their sweet little face, you're there. You are living proof that not all heroes wear capes, and yes, you should feel proud of that during every minute of every day.

Second, any mom can tell you with a confidence level rivaling that of a Super Bowl-winning quarterback that no two days are ever the same—including those final few hours of the night when your baby is finally (blissfully) asleep. But no matter how much your days differ, we know there are some things all moms do when their babies are asleep, and no matter if that means you're using these precious hours to dive into a new hobby, or if you're just recharging on the couch with a snack and a glass of wine, our partners for this video at Plum Organics® want you to know that they're on your team 100% of the way.

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