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6 Benefits Of Enrolling Your Kid In An Early Education Program


As if bringing a baby into your life wasn't enough of a curveball to maneuver, now it's time to start sifting through the wonderful world of childcare. Welcome! While there are tons of great choices like nannies, babysitters, and daycares for parents to consider when they're deciding what's best for their family's needs, there's one childcare option that will actually help set your kid up success. Early learning centers — such as KinderCare Learning Centers — are designed for babies and children who haven’t yet reached school age, but will still encourage many of the skills and developmental milestones your child will need to hit before entering kindergarten.

A good early learning center can help your child learn educational, social, and physical skills in a playful and creative environment, making it an option that can offer your kid some serious long-term benefits. In fact, many early learning programs have high quality curriculums that include many of the activities you’d want your child to participate in even if they were staying at home with you, like music and art education. To highlight a few reasons new moms should consider early learning centers for their kids, we partnered with KinderCare Learning Centers to round up eight of their benefits — which all sound pretty difficult to argue with, if you ask me.

They Help Maximize Brain Development


Many parents don’t realize that the vast majority of brain development happens by the age of five, making the first years of your little one’s life the most important. Creative skills can start developing at six weeks and even younger with the help of carefully designed activities (sandcastle building, anyone?) that early learning centers incorporate into your baby's day.

Kids Learn To Get Along


Naturally, when your kids are enrolled in a program with other children, they'll be given the opportunity to play together, but it's not just social skills that early learning centers are focused on teaching. Many experts agree that developing social, emotional, and physical skills is just as important as rote learning, especially in young children. Early learning programs focus on fostering executive function in children, which is a fancy term for essential skills like memory, focus, impulse control, and simple problem solving.

They Produce Star Students


So many factors contribute to success as an adult, but studies show that kids who participate in high-quality, center-based early education programs are less likely to repeat a grade and are more likely to graduate from high school. A recent study of KinderCare Learning Centers kindergarten students shows that kids who had been enrolled in their program were testing at first-grade levels by the seventh month of kindergarten.

They're Actually A Great Value


While early learning programs can be on the expensive side for many, when you look at the number of benefits your family is getting for the price of enrollment, it's actually pretty impressive. Once you consider how much extra you shell out for a nanny, music classes, or art classes, early learning centers may quickly skyrocket to the top of your list of options.

They Can Help Your Work-Life Balance...

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For some new moms, having to enroll their infants in an early learning center is the worst-case scenario, but what they don’t realize is that aside from the benefits already stated, center-based childcare gives women the flexibility to be mothers and have a career. Talk about a win-win!

...Or Free Up Some "Me Time"

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Because there's nothing wrong with wanting time to yourself. No matter what your work schedule looks like, whether you need to take care of an elderly family member, attend a doctor’s appointment, or even if you're a full-time stay-at-home parent, you need to remember to make yourself and your needs a priority. Having quality childcare only helps make this possible.

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