Watch These Mother-Son Movies On Netflix & Give Your Lil Guy An Extra Squeeze

I love a good tearjerker as much as the next overly sensitive crybaby, but ever since I became a mom, I have been even more sensitive to certain movies, especially those about mother-son relationships since I have a son myself. I like to think we are kind of BFFs and the mother-son movies on Netflix for Mother's Day will give you a way to bond with your own little guy — however *little* he may be. I tried picking up my five-year-old the other day to plop him in the Target shopping cart and it wasn't happening, so there's that.

There might not be a wide market for mother-son movies out there right now, but there is something so endearing about the relationship a mom and son can have. The Room probably shows this better than any movie on this list, as Brie Larson plays a kidnap victim who spends the first five years of her son's life with him in captivity. But The Switch, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, also shows a special relationship between a mother and her young son.

If you aren't afraid to cry your eyes out this Mother's Day, these mother-son movies on Netflix are literally all you need. And maybe some tissues and snacks to go along with them.


Room is the inspiring but fictional story about a girl who is kidnapped as a teenager and spends years in a shed with just a skylight to see the outside world. Somewhere along the way during her captivity, she gets pregnant and her son is the only thing that keeps her going until she finds a way to escape with him and start their life together outside of the room he had spent his entire life in.


This one might focus a lot on a little boy's imaginary friend more so than his mother who dies, but before her death, the little boy has a close relationship with her. It makes her death all the more heartbreaking, so be ready to straight up sob.

I Don't Know How She Does It

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in this under the radar comedy about a working mom struggling to juggle her family and job while having it all. It also shows her relationships with her daughter and her son, who is still little and whose important milestones she is inadvertently missing out on. It's not as emotional as it is relatable, but that's important too.

The Switch

When Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) decides she wants to be a mom, her best friend Wally (Jason Bateman) becomes an accidental sperm donor when he drunkenly spills the sperm donor sample she has in her bathroom. Flash forward a few years and Kassie is doing her thing as a single mom to their son and Wally is ready to get to know him. It is essentially a dramedy, but just heartfelt enough to bring the waterworks.

About A Boy

Based on the novel of the same name, About A Boy stars a young Nicholas Hoult as Marcus, a young boy with a strained relationship with his mom and a tough social life at school. When he befriends a bachelor who is using a made up child to hit on single moms, they both find what they may have been missing and somewhere along the way, Marcus' mom comes around too.

Bridget Jones's Baby

To be fair, Bridget's baby boy doesn't make his appearance until the end of the movie, but it is his impending birth which drives Bridget Jones's Baby and forces her to make some big life decisions. And at the end of the movie, when she finally has the husband and little boy, she's finally a little less of a mess.

You don't have to be a mom to enjoy any of these movies, or even a mom to a boy. However, if you happen to have a little boy of your own, it does help to appreciate some of these stories a little more. Like I said, being a mom has turned this already avid crier into an even more sensitive mess. And unsurprisingly, Mother's Day brings out the sentimental part in all of us.