Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

7 Blue Drinks For Carolina Panthers Fans To Toast The Super Bowl

Whether or not you are a die hard football fan, the odds of you attending a Super Bowl party are pretty high. And if you’re not super into watching guys chasing a ball and tackling one another, there’s always an abundance of chips, dips, and — my favorite part — drinks. But if you're cheering for a particular southern team (and an average beer just won't do), you can always make a delicious blue drinks for Carolina Panther fan that not only taste great, but honor your favorite team.

Sure, you could go with a vodka and soda and call it a day. But you can also have fun blending southern flavors and mixing in colors to give your drink a Carolina Blue hue. Plus, who doesn’t love have a multi-hued tongue? (Just me? Oh well.) Why not get into the spirit of things and use your favorite team as inspiration when concocting some cocktails? What’s really great, is that even after the Super Bowl is over, you’ve added some new drink making skills to your mixology repertoire. So bust out the blue curacao, get your glasses frosty, and check out some of the bestCarolina Panther-inspired drinks for the team’s biggest fans.


Lemon-Lime Blue Slushie

Even though it's probably freezing outside where you are, everyone can get a little heated when it comes to game time. So cool off with this icy blue slushie recipe from Baked by Rachel.


Sweet Tea Old Fashioned Cocktail

What is more reminiscent of North Carolina than good ol' sweet tea? Kick things up a little and turn this southern favorite into an adult beverage with A Spicy Perspective's Sweet Tea Cocktail recipe.


The Galaxy Cocktail

Mix it up a little bit (literally) with this layered beverage. You can even customize the Tipsy Bartender's galaxy cocktail to include whatever colors you'd like, depending on who is your favorite team.


Chamomile Honey & Whiskey Cocktail

A southern staple, this subdued beverage will instantly put you in a Carolina state of mind. Check out A Cozy Kitchen's nostalgic Chamomile Honey and Whiskey cocktail recipe.


Fan Girl Cocktail

Conceived by A Beautiful Mess, this fan girl cocktail was originally inspired by Breaking Bad, but the blue works perfectly with the Carolina Panthers.


Blueberry Bourbon Cooler

Pretend to be sort of healthy by getting your daily serving of fruit from this blueberry bourbon cooler from Climbing Grier Mountain.


Blue Iced Tea

Combining the traditional Long Island beverage with the Carolina classic of Sweet Tea, this Blue Iced Tea tutorial from Tipsy Bartender is delicious.