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7 Hair Care Mistakes That Make Your Hair Greasier

One of the worst things for women is finding out that the hair routine you've had for years isn't actually as good as you thought. Whether it's learning that you've been using the wrong shampoo or discovering that you've been blow drying the wrong way, knowing what you can do to help the state of your hair is extremely vital. Although there are plenty of things women find out about their hair daily, one thing that can save a lot of time is discovering hair care mistakes that make your hair greasier.

When I was younger, I realized having greasy hair caused me to break out more often. Between the grease left on my pillow to the amount of product I was putting in my hair, the build up was a main reason why my skin wasn't doing well. After that, I had to change up my hair care routine to find one that decreased the grease, which ultimately, gave me better skin. It was tough n the beginning, but it eventually helped the state of my face and my locks.

Although the amount of grease can differ with each person's type of hair, these seven hair care mistakes can help get everyone on the right track.


You Over Wash Your Hair

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Cosmopolitan noted that over-washing your hair can make it greasier, because it strips the scalp of its natural oils. This causes your scalp to overproduce oils in an attempt to replace the ones that are being lost. Try skipping the daily wash and opt for a dry shampoo if needed.


You Touch Your Hair Too Much

According to Style Caster, touching your hair too much can cause it to be greasy due to the natural oils on your fingertips. So keep your hands to your side and only touch your hair if necessary.


You Straighten Your Hair Too Often

Straightening your hair makes for more oil due to less volume being at the roots, according to Good Housekeeping. So embrace your curls! Some women would kill to have them, and you know it.


You Tie It Up Too Much

Stylecraze noted that wearing your hair tied up could lead to oil and sebum being deposited in certain places of the scalp. Try letting your locks loose every so often to avoid excess oil.


You Use "Added Shine" Product

Good Housekeeping wrote that using hair products that promote added shine is a prime culprit to add grease to your hair because of their ingredients. So skip the extra shine and let your hair naturally glow.


You Opt For Dry Shampoo Over A Wash Too Often

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Though washing your hair too often can be a reason for overly greasy hair, substituting a wash for a dry shampoo too many times can do so as well, according to Marie Claire. Although it's definitely a game changer for hair, dry shampoo can't remove all of the dirt locked in your hair.


You Over Conditioning

Just as over washing can make your hair greasy, Cosmopolitan noted that over-conditioning can make it greasy too. From placing the conditioner all over your hair to not properly washing it out, this can add extra unwanted grease to your hair. Use a nickel-sized dollop of conditioner and be done with it.