These Christmas Morning Mimosa Recipes Will Make Opening Presents Way More Fun

Is it just me or do the holidays make you want to drink slightly more than usual? Between all the parties and celebrating, it seems like there are just endless delicious cocktails going around. And if there aren't, well, there should be... because the holidays are stressful AF. Don't get me wrong, I love all things Christmas, but when your holiday to-do list is longer than Santa's naughty and nice list combined, you'll be ready to drink a mimosa or two on the big day. To that end, these are mimosa recipes you'll need on Christmas morning, because you frankly deserve a drink after all the hard holiday work you've been doing.

First, you have to remember all of your kid's school events — like holiday craft day, family tradition day, cookie exchanges, and more —not to mention the fifty different holiday gift funds you're supposed to be contributing to and the cards you have to sign. And then on top of it all, you're expected to do your holiday shopping, cook, bake and work? For all these reasons, you will find me on my couch come Christmas morning, drinking one or two of these glorious beverages while my little one blissfully opens his presents. And I'm not joking when I say, I think that will be the first time I sit down all month.


Fantastic Mimosa Recipe

How about adding some fresh raspberries to your Christmas mimosa, as shown here in this fantastic mimosa recipe from the blog Willow Bird Baking? Maybe even some fresh squeezed orange juice (because if there's ever a time to be extra boujee, it's on Christmas).


Blueberry Mimosa

This blueberry mimosa recipe from the recipe blog What's Cooking, Love? features fresh blueberries... so, it's basically a smoothie. You're welcome.


Cranberry Orange Mimosa

This variation on the mimosa is so fancy and festive! (Check out those gold-chrome straws and the rosemary garnish — loving the holiday vibe on this one.) Of course, what's in the glass is pretty festive, too, and you can find this cranberry orange mimosa recipe on the Sugar and Soul blog.


Christmas Punch

Ok, this Christmas punch recipe from the Sugar and Soul blog isn't exactly a mimosa, but if you add a some champagne to this delicious cocktail, you'll have yourself an extra-strength mimosa — which is even better. I don't know about you but I'd say we've earned one. Fun bonus: You can also make this a mocktail that the kids will love.


Guinness & Champagne Black Velvet Cocktail

Again, not a mimosa but it has champagne in it and it's Christmas so you can basically do whatever you want. Plus, this black velvet cocktail from Sugar and Soul is perfect for anyone who can't do the ultra-sweet champagne cocktails.


Ginger Cranberry Pointsetta Cocktail

This gorgeous ginger cranberry poinsettia champagne cocktail from Simple Delicious Food definitely counts as a mimosa (because champagne + juice). This recipe will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit.


Blood Orange Mimosa

Not only is this twist on the mimosa from the Food and Style blog super quick and easy, it's also the perfect shade of holiday red.

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