7 Reasons Why March Babies Are Badasses & Just All Around The Best

From the moment you become pregnant, you begin to wonder what your little one will be like. Will they look like you, your partner, or your Great Aunt Edna? Will they be the quiet, thoughtful type or arrive on this planet raring to go? It's fun to imagine what your little one might be like and even more exciting when you finally get to meet them face-to-face. And if your due date is in March, then that moment is just around the corner. That's why you'll particularly love to learn the reasons why March babies are badasses.

I can't say this list surprised me. My nephew Oscar was born in March and he is the complete embodiment of many of the characteristics described below. Oscar is a go-getter (just like his mama), a ray of sunshine, and man, does he ever give the best hugs. Plus, he's kind of a badass. Whether it's his faux leather pants or killer side eye, there's no doubt in my mind that he is going to kick ass at life — he already is.

Read on to see what your little one might bring to the table. Regardless, they're bound to be pretty amazing.

1. They Are Born Warriors


March was named for the Latin Martius. You might know him as Mars, the Roman God of war and a mythical ancestor of the Roman people, according to Reader's Digest. "With the winter frosts melting and the ground becoming fertile for harvest again in the Northern hemisphere, March was historically the perfect month for both farmers to resume farming, and warriors to resume warring," the magazine noted. I think it's safe to say you might have a little warrior on your hands.

2. They Have Instincts That Slay


Anyone who adopts the title of badass better have some major intuition because forging forward with your eye on the prize requires trusting your gut. That's why it's pretty awesome that March babies are known for leaning on their intuition. "It’s practically impossible to deceive them," noted "They sense any diabolical scheme against them instantly, therefore, they can make a really strong enemy."

3. They Bring All The Positive Vibes


According to Red Tricycle, March babies are generally optimistic and happy, which is always a killer trait if you ask me. The magazine noted that the springing of spring and its warmer weather and blooming flowers seems to add a general sunniness to March kids' personalities.

4. They Keep Good Company


If you are due in March and curious about what your babe's future may bring, then look no further than this kick ass lineup: Lady Gaga, Kesha, Ron Howard, Jessica Biel, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Jean Harlow, Vincent van Gogh, and several others were all born in March.

5. They Give The Best Hugs


A lot of March babies fall under the Pisces Zodiac sign, which means they are prone to "an immense amount of understanding and compassion toward others," Elephant Journal noted. "They feel as though they have walked in the shoes of others for long enough to understand them." Because who said empathy wasn't a superpower?

6. They Mind Their Manners


It might seem like this one falls outside of the realm of badass-ery, but if you've ever been in a board room with a well-behaved change maker, then you know they get sh*t done. Queensland University researchers took a look at a group of 4- and 5-year-old kids and assessed everything from consideration of others to fidgeting, according to CafeMom. The end result? Winter babies were better behaved.

7. They Have Killer Immune Systems


It's true that winter-born babies are more prone to allergies, but according to Cracked, sniffles and sneezes are actually the result of an extra active immune system. That means your kiddo's allergies will someday have them kicking the flu's ass and taking names.

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