7 Things That Are Healthier Than (Just) Working Out

On most days, there’s nothing like a good run to make me feel like a million bucks. To be honest, even a mediocre run can have a tremendous positive effect on my peace of mind. But workouts are only a portion of the health puzzle, and some days you just don't feel like dealing with that piece .To take a more holistic look at well being, there are a few things that are healthier than working out.

Now I would never tell you to ditch the gym in favor of healthy alternatives. These are things to help your health in addition to regular workouts, not in place of them. But if you pay attention to all of these areas of well-being, chances are you’ll feel better than ever.

So if you’re crushing your workouts but still feel a little off, keeping these tips in mind might help you adjust your lifestyle a little. After all, when was the last time you actually got enough sleep? (I can’t remember!) Catching up with old friends, drinking enough water every day, and even remembering to put on sunscreen can go a long way to preserving your health and well being. Follow these tips and get ready to feel better than ever.


Sleeping Well

According to Shape sleep is the key to a better body, explaining that sleeping poorly may result in more food cravings and less effective workouts. Prioritizing sleep can help you function much better each day, and most adults need seven to nine hours of shut-eye each night.


Eating A Healthy Diet

As Women's Health reports, people who prioritize their diet over exercise tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who focus more on working out alone. This piece further notes that many people overestimate the number of calories that working out burns, while underestimating the amount of calories consumed.


Getting Enough Fluids

Although the amount of water you should consume daily varies by your body size, exercise level, and even your environment, the Mayo Clinic advises women to consume around nine cups of water daily. Getting adequate water ensures your body can flush out toxins and carry nutrients to cells. But you don't have to stop at water. A report from the BBC touts the health benefits of tea, which hydrates the body as well as water, prevents tooth decay, and may even help reduce the chances of having a heart attack.


Flossing Daily

Great dental health is crucial. And as the U.S. National Library of Medicine attests, flossing daily is a great way to remove plaque, which can lead to cavities and other health problems. Flossing can help keep your smile healthy and fresh.


Applying Sunscreen Daily

SPF is your BFF. As the Huffington Post reports, sunscreen has been proven to inhibit the development of skin cancer. Whether you like traditional creams, the spray-on variety, or even the powder form of sunscreens, chances are you're helping your health by applying it liberally.


Reducing Stress

Mental health is a crucial component of overall well being, and chronic stress can wreck your mental and physical health. As the American Psychological Association explains, chronic stress may be associated with increased levels of depression, cardiovascular risk, and coronary disease. To de-stress, you may follow advice from Women's Health and try meditation, massage, or even soothing music.


Maintaining Strong Friends

As the Mayo Clinic notes, friendships can help reduce stress, improve self-confidence, and help you get through traumas. And if your friends help support your healthy lifestyle? Even better!