7 Ways To Make Your Bathing Suit Last Into Next Summer

You spent weeks searching for the perfect suit for beach season. You felt frustration at the lack of options in the department store, jealously towards the woman in the next fitting room who found something within minutes, and excitement when you found a suit that makes you feel comfortable enough to take off your coverup. After all of the trouble, you certainly don't want to have to endure the same pain next summer. You need to know how to make your bathing suit last into next summer.

Considering all of the time and money you invest in finding a swimsuit, you don't want to have replace it before the season is over. Treating your suit with a little TLC this summer will pay off when you can save yourself some fitting room frustration later on. Hand washing in cold water after each wear, avoiding harsh detergents, and proper off-season storage will protect your bikini from damage that can be caused by oils, sunscreen, and the heat from your dryer.

By following the advice on this list, you can extend the life of your suit. And unless the fashion experts deem your suit out of style, you can totally rock it next year.


Wash It With Your Hands

Most suits are made of delicate material. Huffington Post Canada recommended washing your suit by hand to prevent damage from your washing machine. It may take some more effort, but it'll be worth it come next summer.


Don't Wait To Wash

Real Simple suggested cleaning your suit after every use, to make sure you remove all of the sunscreen, oils, and sweat from the material. And really, who wants to sit around in a wet suit?


Keep The Water Cold

Cold water is the best bet when washing your suit, according to Tommy Bahama's website. It may not hurt to put water in the fridge for a bit to get it just the right temperature.


Lay It Flat To Dry

The heat from your dryer can do some serious damage to a bathing suit. Instead, swimsuit retailer Always for Me suggests on their website that you lay your suit flat to dry naturally.


Use Special Cleaner

Real Simple recommended you use a swimsuit cleaner or a mild detergent like Dreft when washing your suit. Anything that's mild enough to protect the fabric from damage, but tough enough to rid your suit of all that yucky bacteria.


Soak It In Vinegar And Water

You can protect the color of your suit before you hit the beach. Before the first wear, recommends a pretreatment of vinegar and water to seal in the color.


Store Them Properly

When swimsuit season is over, Tommy Bahama's website advised you to store your suit in a drawer or storage box with cedar blocks or lavender sachets. Don't use airtight containers or dry cleaner's bags, as mildew may develop.