7 Weird Things That Happen To Your Body When You Orgasm

You already knew that orgasms are wonderfully powerful, right? But did you know that weird things happen to your body when you orgasm? Regardless of the physical oddities that might occur during climax, Dr. Carole Altman told Cosmopolitan that, "You have to own your orgasm." When it comes to sex and getting off, there shouldn't be many imperatives, but I think Altman has a good point. Whatever happens during those seconds of intense release, or in the time that follows, own your sh*t. It's your body, your orgasm. And just as your body is capable of performing miraculous feats that make you feel awesome, it's can also do some freaky stuff. But part of being body positive means loving all the weird things your body can do. (OK you don't have to love them, but ditch the self criticism, OK?) Knowledge is power, and knowing that your body might have some weird kinks after your get kinky will help you leave the self critiques outside the bedroom.

While every woman is different, and what gets one woman off might not arouse another, knowing about the unusual physical, let's call them "side effects," that can happen to your body during the Big O will make you feel less uncomfortable if they do happen. Although some of them might seem embarrassing, do you really care? You're having great sex and getting off, and in my mind, that's all that matters.


Your Breasts Get Bigger

When you're aroused, your nipples become erect. But according to Huffington Post, your breasts swell as you reach climax. Not a bad side effect, am I right?


Your Might Get Pink Spots All Over Your Body

Known as a sex flush, you can develop pink spots on your belly, breasts, torso, even your feet, and yes, your vagina, according to Popsugar. This type of afterglow can last up to a couple hours, reminding you of that hot sex sesh.


Your Vagina Will Get Super Wet

Huffington Post notes that, as you cum, your vagina releases natural fluids, which can sometimes soak the sheets. Don't let any wet sheet stains freak you out. If anything, the wetness proves what a freak you are... in bed.


Your Clit Actually Shrinks

While your vagina is busy getting engorged with blood the moments leading up to an orgasm, Popsugar reported that a woman's clitoris retracts under the hood and gets 50 percent shorter right before she climaxes. Who knew? But this explains why your clit can be super sensitive after you cum.


Your Anus Contracts

Popsugar also reported that when a woman has an orgasm, her anus might contract. There's a biological imperative for this: all those muscle contractions "suck semen higher up into the vagina," you know, so you can conceive. I've totally experienced this, and I have to say, it feels great.


You Might Pass Wind

Your body experiences muscle contractions and then an intense release during an orgasm. Because your body is so relaxed, you might also pass wind, either through your vagina (what's known as a queef) or by tooting your horn. This might seem weird, but it is totally normal.


You'll Have A Physical Urge To Cuddle

Relationship therapist and sex educator Laura Berman told Everyday Health that when a woman climaxes, her brain releases oxytocin, the so-called love drug. This powerful chemical "inspires feelings of intimacy," which explains why you might be especially snuggly after good sex. It's not necessarily because you're clingy. It's the chemicals, girl.